Your sales team will be alerted when a lead meets specific criteria. If the marketing and sales have agreed on Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers when a prospect needs to be treated as a priority. How to set up an effective Lead Scoring system to convert your prospects into customers? Determine a number of points for the key factors you have chosen to identify a qualified prospect. They should be divided into 2 categories: Elements relating to the properties of your contacts : Type of position, sector of activity, size of companies. Elements relating to the behavior of your contacts : the number of pages displayed, White Paper downloads, the frequency of visits.

Each property and type of behavior must correspond to a number of points. On a scale of 0 to 100, your prospects will be awarded points based on these factors. Note that you must also establish negative points if your prospect is certainly very active on your site, but is absolutely not in your target market. For example, if it is located in a faraway country or operates in a sector of activity that you cannot address. You will not actually be able to convert these prospects into customers. The highest rated prospects will be the most interesting to contact, but again, you need to set a score threshold. Depending on the points you assign.

How to prospect well in?

The critical score that triggers action from sales teams can vary, for example, between 60 and 80. It will all depend on what you have defined as a qualified lead. At this stage, you have to be vigilant that there is no “hole in the racket”. And make sure that each qualified prospect is treated well. For this, the information. That a lead has become a highly qualified prospect must reach the sales department through an email. A notification in your CRM or some other indicator that seems to you. relevant. Feed your qualified prospects when they are not yet ready to become a customer. The score of your prospects increases according to their behavior on your website.


It can also decrease when they no longer visit your site or open your emails. Not all qualified prospects are ready to buy. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to convert them to futures clients. The leads will not only make the journey in the service marketing sense to sales department. Indeed, a hot prospect, not yet ready to become a customer, must be able to return to the marketing department to enter a phase of Lead Nuturing. Lead Nurturing consists of fueling the reflection of your prospects who show interest in your products and services but who, for one or more reasons, are not yet ready to become customers.

Prospect On Social Networks

You don’t need to have a consultant on site or set up a daily telephone conversation. There are great tools like Hubspot to track when your emails are opened, when their links are clicked, and also when attached documents are viewed by recipients. By keeping this eye on the activity of your prospects regarding the emails you send them, you can analyze their engagement and especially determine the best time to reach them by phone. From experience, putting these tips into practice can bring results very quickly. Be careful all the same to always bring value in your exchanges and your contacts for a quality approach. It is above all that well prospecting!

To go further: How to start a conversation with your prospects on LinkedIn? Integrate your LinkedIn prospects into your overall strategy. Depending on the feedback from your prospect following your messages, you will be able to determine his commitment and maturity. Therefore, determine if it’s time to offer them a date or if your prospect is not yet ready to take it up a gear. In this situation, you must continue to feed your prospect’s thinking by regularly sending them sound advice or quality content. The easiest way is to integrate it into your overall communication strategy by including it in your newsletter. Either way, don’t forget to add each of your LinkedIn prospects.

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