Consumers have all the information at their fingertips to think, compare and make their purchasing decision. This change upsets Croatia Phone Numbers List to quickly review your prospecting methods. But how do you properly prospect in the age of the Internet and social networks? Only 1% of telephone prospecting resulted in an appointment being made. If you are a business developer, sales engineer, sales manager or another related profession (like me!), This is a difficult statistic to digest. The customer approach and sales have evolved considerably in recent years giving birth to a new buyer profile, more complex and better informed: the modern buyer . How to properly prospect and attract this modern buyer?

In a nutshell, the modern buyer can be summed up by this statistic: 57% of buyers have already started their buying process before they’ve even spoken to a seller. They are the modern buyers. The modern buyer, who therefore represents more than half of your potential customers, is a person who is very well informed about his intention to purchase and who has less and less need to be accompanied by a salesperson during his reflection. In the mid-2000s, a methodology appeared in total contradiction with traditional prospecting: while traditional prospecting consists of mobilizing all your efforts to catch the customer, this methodology consists rather of doing everything possible to convince them to come to you.

How To Properly Prospect this 57% Of Buyers?

Concretely, Inbound Marketing consists of communicating on the internet in a strategic way to attract the attention of these buyers who prefer to carry out their buying thinking themselves online rather than contacting providers. To do this, rather than communicating to promote your offers, you must create content that addresses the issues facing your target. Do you want an example ? Check out this article: If you are here, chances are you are looking for solutions to grow your sales. We could present our services to you directly, but it’s a safe bet that it wouldn’t attract your attention when you listen to us with both ears (or rather, you read us with both eyes!).


To prospect well in the age of the Internet and social networks, it is better to invest in an Inbound Marketing approach rather than relying on a cold contact approach which leads to few (or no) qualified meetings. To support these remarks, we learn in the report ” State of inbound marketing in 2017 ” of Hubspot that the companies which want to succeed in attracting qualified prospects know that they must move away from their old tactics of prospecting. Today they must offer content based on the buying process of the modern buyer: indeed, 32% of companies plan to reduce traditional marketing costs to invest in inbound marketing. Convinced? Let’s see how you can now concretely review your sales prospecting strategy.

This Methodology Is Inbound Marketing

New call-to-action. How to prospect well in the age of the web: the 4 steps to follow. Do you or your sales team make hard calls, leaving generic voicemail messages, if any? Send emails and newsletters to unqualified contacts? Do you prospect at trade shows? How many people do you meet there? How many people do you have qualifying conversations with? The list of questions could be even long to describe tactics that are not as effective as they used to be. These sales prospecting actions simply work less well because they focus on how you sell rather than focusing on how your buyers buy. Keep in mind that your future buyers can obtain all the information available.

Another advantage of a web marketing strategy is the possibility of analyzing the performance of your actions in real time. Unlike traditional communication actions. You have access to an infinite volume of statistics to check the relevance of your web marketing strategy. With tools like Google Analytics or Hubspot, you can know how many people visit your website. How many and what pages they visit, where they come from, what are their areas of interest and I go from the worst to the worst. better. By using all the statistics at your disposal. You will be able to optimize your web marketing strategy and therefore your return on investment by determining, in particular, the content that works best.

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