By going to its website, I quickly understood: a website with less than 10 pages presenting the IT agency and its services. To be Jamaica Phone Number List must be provided. Clearly, the more pages you have on your website, the better you will be referenced on Google and therefore visible. The reason is that in fact, it is not your site that is referenced in the search engines but each of your pages. So the more pages you have, the more entry point to your website.

This is the reason why you should consider adding a blog section to your website if it is not. The reason you don’t update your website
Very often, I see from my clients that they have invested a large sum of money in the creation of their website, that they have had it delivered by a communication agency and that since then, no one has touched it.

If you need to create or redo your website, I advise you to contact an agency – like ours – which will offer you in addition to your website support after delivery or which will allow you to have control over your website to update it yourself regularly.

You should know that for Google, a website is relevant if it is regularly updated. If a page has not moved a comma for months or even years, this page will be considered “out of date” and therefore poorly referenced.

Your website is not at the center of your marketing strategy

Your website must be at the heart of your Marketing, Communication or Prospecting strategies. Clearly, you must constantly think about how your actions will allow you to return your contacts in one way or another to your website.

All means are good to promote your website and attract visitors: share your content on social networks, send e-mailings or include your website address in all your communication media.

We are now connected to the internet without interruption with our smartphones. The mobile Internet has therefore grown significantly to such an extent that Google favors websites suitable for navigation from a mobile device in its search results.

If your website is not visited, it may be partly because it is not designed for mobile browsing. To check that your website is well suited to mobile browsing, I advise you to use the Google Mobile Friendly tool.
Reason your website is not indexed on Google.


If your website really attracts very few visitors, it could be that your website is simply not getting indexed in the search engines. It is possible if your website is very recent, it is rarer if it is more than a few weeks old, but I have already seen it with clients.

To check that the pages of your website are indexed in Google, enter the following query on the search engine: site: adressedyourinternet site.

July and August are often dead months for your commercial prospecting: your customers are on vacation physically or in their minds. Prospecting then becomes even more complex than usual. What if summer was in fact an opportunity to boost your commercial prospecting?

Avenues To Explore

Why pursue your commercial prospecting during the summer?
If you are wondering why prospecting in the summer, so are your competitors. Unless, like our customers, they have already put into practice the 4 tips that we are going to see in this article, it is a safe bet that the commercial prospection of your competitors is also floundering during July and August. Suddenly, they often prefer to put their commercial prospecting aside to manage the administration or visit their customers.

In addition, just like your customers, your competitors also go on vacation. You see what I mean ? Between companies that stop prospecting in favor of other tasks and salespeople who go on vacation, the summer can be an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and boost your commercial prospecting.

Moreover, even if the summer period is quieter, and prospect meetings are rarer, you can take advantage of this precious time to review the way you prospect and experiment with new sales prospecting actions.

To go further: Why is your commercial prospecting no longer as effective? Think Digital!

Your prospects are on vacation, of course. But we all know that decision-makers never really disconnect and often take advantage of the summer to conduct in-depth discussions on the issues, the obstacles they encounter in their activity throughout the year.

Summer is an opportunity for your customers to take advantage of having a free spirit and being away from their daily lives to make decisions with a rested head. This is an opportunity to be seized for your commercial prospecting.

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