As the saying goes, we never get twice the chance to make a good first impression. It’s the same on LinkedIn! To successfully Bahamas Phone Numbers List in the best possible way. How? ‘Or’ What ? Here is our tried and tested method. Since 2013, we have been supporting technological and innovative companies in the generation of qualified prospects and their conversion. In this approach, we almost without exception have recourse to LinkedIn and thus obtain significant results. In particular by multiplying by 3 on average the number of appointments made by our clients. Before trying to start a conversation and prospect on LinkedIn.

It is important to work on two points, the methodologies of which you will find below. Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile for commercial prospecting. Now that you’ve validated these two points. You’re ready to prospect on LinkedIn and start a conversation with your new prospects. For this and in order to thank our readers. Today we are offering you the LinkedIn prospecting methodology that we use for our agency. And our clients! Cta training social selling pro linkedin sln web. Start the relationship before the LinkedIn contact request It’s a mistake we all make: we notice an interesting profile on LinkedIn and automatically add it to our network without even customizing the contact request.

Identify Qualified Prospects

Your prospects are over-solicited on social networks. If you want to have a chance to grab their attention, you must do everything to stand out and personalize your approach as much as possible. Before starting the LinkedIn conversation with your prospect, take the time to analyze their profile and take note of all the important elements that will allow you to personalize your message. Plan a 3-step exchange sequence. To initiate a conversation with our prospects or our clients’ prospects on LinkedIn, we base ourselves on a 3-step exchange sequence in order to 1) meet the expectations of the prospect and 2) validate their commitment and maturity. I recommend that you allow between 2 and 5 days.


Depending on your target between two messages. Unless naturally, your prospect answers you before. Very frequently, I meet salespeople who add dozens of LinkedIn contacts to boost their network and that’s it. They never thank their new contact for accepting their request. Thanking your new contact is polite but also a very easy way to start a conversation on LinkedIn. It is a question here of simply thanking your prospect for the connection and to let him know that you are at his disposal. Prospecting well on LinkedIn is above all about helping your prospect rather than promoting your offers. Your prospects now prefer to search the Internet for information themselves to make their purchasing decision.

Bring Added Value

They lead their thinking on their own and expect you to show them that you are not just a salesperson but that you are THE person who will allow them to solve their problems and achieve their goals. To do this, you need to start the conversation on LinkedIn by bringing added value to your prospect. How? ‘Or’ What ? Nothing could be simpler, you can share with your prospect a blog article, a white paper or give him some wise advice to solve his problem. How to start the linkedin conversation. Get straight to the point. Now is the time to let your prospect know about your intentions. He’s certainly not fooled.

But if he hasn’t bothered to find out more than that, he won’t really know what you can do for him yet. In this third message, introduce your prospect to your field of activity and the solutions you bring to companies like his. Finally end this message by offering him a telephone exchange or a physical appointment. After having started the conversation on LinkedIn via this sequence of 3 messages, you must analyze the feedback from your prospect to note his engagement and validate that he is indeed a qualified prospect. Surf the news of your LinkedIn contacts. If, like all of us, you’ve already added LinkedIn contacts without practicing this method, all is not lost.

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