LinkedIn has revolutionized sales prospecting. However, to prospect well on LinkedIn, it is not enough to Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List in spades. How to prospect on LinkedIn? Here are the 4 steps you must absolutely follow! The internet and social media have changed buyer behavior and, in turn, the way you need to prospect to achieve your goals. Cold phoning, door-to-door, mass mailing or trade shows no longer correspond to the expectations of the buyer who prefers to find himself the information necessary for his decision-making. The buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers but rather that you show him that you are THE person who will allow him to meet the challenges he meets and achieve his goals.

In this situation, LinkedIn stands out as an essential lever for commercial prospecting. You will love prospecting on LinkedIn. Well, “adoring” might be a bit strong but I guarantee it, LinkedIn will really make your life easier and allow you to explode your business performance. How to prospect on linkedin: prospecting the old way. I remember a time that the under 15s will never know. A time when we bought contact files from Kompass, took 3 weeks to segment it and distribute it among salespeople before making hundreds of cold calls in the hope of getting an appointment. Now, with LinkedIn, you can identify highly qualified prospects in just a few clicks and start the conversation within a second.

Optimize Your Linkedin Profile For Business Prospecting

We are inundated with information and over-requested on the Internet and social networks. To grab your prospect’s attention, you need to attach great importance to your profile photo and your LinkedIn profile cover photo . These two photos are the first things your prospects will see, so they should inspire them to start a relationship with you. An optimized LinkedIn profile is well filled There is an impressive list of sections to fill out on your LinkedIn profile. Often, for lack of time, inspiration and motivation, you are content to fill in the main fields, in a few words. You are then missing a great opportunity to stand out and attract the attention of your prospects.


Each section available on LinkedIn is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and present the added value you can bring to your prospects. An optimized LinkedIn profile is an active profile. To position yourself as a visible and legitimate expert in your field of activity, it is important to share quality content on LinkedIn dealing with the themes favored by your prospects and the problems they encounter. To go further: 10 tips to optimize your profile for commercial prospecting. Identify qualified prospects. The point here is clearly not to indulge in a race for contacts. Very often, I meet salespeople who boast of having added several hundred contacts to their networks in a few days.

An Optimized Linkedin Profile Is A Visual Profile

It is the syndrome of “who has the biggest” and it has no interest for your commercial prospecting. To prospect well on LinkedIn, it is essential to identify qualified prospects, corresponding to the profile of your ideal prospect. Prospecting on LinkedIn takes time and effort to personalize each of your interactions. It is therefore better to focus on quality over quantity. To go further: 8 avenues to explore to identify qualified prospects on LinkedIn. Start the conversation with your prospects. The mistake many sales reps make is identifying qualified prospects on LinkedIn and sending them a contact request directly. Whether their contact request is accepted or not, they stop here. What is the point ?

I recommend that you try to start a relationship with your prospects before you even send them a contact request on LinkedIn. For that, nothing complicated, you can comment or share their publications for example. Once you’ve sent and accepted the LinkedIn contact request, it’s time to start a conversation with your prospect. For this, I use a sequence of 3 messages: A thank you message; A message in which I share quality content to my prospect; The message in which I concretely present to him what we do and what we can bring to him; I usually space each message 2 to 5 days depending on the prospect and their feedback.

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