B2B business prospecting is not an easy task, especially since the buyer has gained autonomy with the Internet and social networks. The B2B Eritrea Email List contact with a sales representative in order to buy. So how do you properly prospect and obtain qualified appointments in this situation? Cold phoning, door or even trade shows are clearly no longer efficient enough. The way you buy in B2B has changed, it is important to change the way you sell. Only 16% of marketers believe that traditional prospecting levers generate qualified leads. However, every day we meet B2B companies, particularly innovative companies. Which continue to exploit these prospecting levers which no longer correspond.

To the expectations of the modern buyer. What could be more paradoxical than an innovative company prospecting in an old-fashioned way? There is a better way to strengthen your positioning, right? The buyer leads the majority of his purchase thinking alone and accepts solicitations from a salesperson only when he has a clear idea of ​​the solution he needs. In short, sales reps should only focus on dealing with the most qualified and mature prospects. For this, it is essential to set up a marketing strategy that will generate qualified prospects and bring them to maturity. Telephone prospecting in the hard has become mission impossible? Did you know that out of 100 hard sales prospecting calls, only 1 resulted in a qualified appointment?

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The reason is quite simple: 59% of B2B buyers prefer to do without contact with a sales representative in the buying journey. And do you think it will work out with the new services linked to the arrival of chatbots and artificial intelligence? Certainly not! How to Prospect well in the Age of Internet and Social Networks? Download the Free Guide! To prospect well, you must meet the expectations of the modern buyer. As we have just seen, the B2B buyer prefers to think about buying alone. After all, he has all the information he needs, just a click away when he needs it. Why would he continue to accept your phone calls or commercial emails?


The B2B buyer no longer wants you to just promote your offer to them. It requires that you guide it in its purchase thinking. How? ‘Or’ What? The buyer conducts most of their buying thinking on the Internet. He goes to search engines and social networks in order to get answers to his questions. He has a problem, he seeks to understand it and find relevant solutions. Rather than wasting your time trying to contact him by phone, you must offer him high added value content on the internet in order to attract him to your website and convert him into a lead. How do we get qualified appointments with inbound marketing? To illustrate how the Inbound Marketing process works.

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What better way than to take a concrete example: yours. This strategy is the Inbound Marketing strategy. Case study If you are on this article, it is probably because you are looking for a solution to gain new prospects. Maybe you even went to Google by typing a search like “How to properly prospect” and you came across this article? You are therefore a priori a good prospect for us. We help companies like yours generate qualified leads and convert them into customers. If you are nice and especially that we did our job well, you are going to want to know more about Inbound Marketing and you will click on the button at the end of the article to download our Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing.

After completing the form, you will go from visitor to lead for us. That doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to switch to inbound marketing or even talk to us. 73% of leads generated in B2B are not ready to buy. In a few days, we will start sending you quality emails to help you move forward with your thinking. You will receive objective tips to better prospect in the age of the Internet and social networks. In the end, you will even receive a free audit offer. If you accept it, you will make an appointment on the calendar with one of our Inbound Marketing experts. And there, you will tell yourself that a few weeks ago you did not know us.

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