Today there are close to 3 million mobile applications. Some good, some bad. Are you convinced that yours is the best? Without a doubt ! However, even with a Namibia WhatsApp Number List to do your utmost to stand out from the crowd. A good referencing of your application and a relevant communication strategy, these are the two ingredients that will guarantee your success.

Here are a few figures for the mobile applications market: Contrary to what we might think, the App Store (Apple Store) is not the most provided with applications. In quantity, it is Google Play, the Google store, which holds the cord (Source AppFigures ):

1.43 million mobile apps on Google Play
1.21 million mobile apps on the App Store
280,000 mobile applications on Amazon
The mobile application market is far from mature. On the contrary, it is experiencing ever stronger growth. Proof :

The number of mobile apps on Google Play increased by around 200% in 2014
The number of mobile applications on the App Store increased by around 160% in 2014
The number of mobile apps on Amazon jumped 190% in 2014
All of these applications are launched by more than 700,000 developers. Including you! So how did you plan to stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips to promote your mobile application!

SEO for your application: the key to success!
We often discuss on this blog issues related to the natural referencing of a website. Mobile applications are no exception to this rule. The only difference is that we are not battling with the search engines but with the stores.

For the referencing of a website, we speak of SEO . For the referencing of a mobile application, we speak of ASO: Apps Store Optimization. The referencing of a mobile application, the ASO therefore, consists in using a set of techniques to capture the first positions of the stores:

Promote Its Application

ASO – Apps Stores Optimization. The referencing of a mobile application, again a matter of keywords. As with SEO, good SEO for a mobile application involves the choice and use of keywords.

For the good SEO of your mobile application, you will have to carefully work on its title and description. It is recommended that you do not use the same keywords in the title and description. So be smart!

The idea here is to find keywords that accurately describe your application but are not overly competitive. Your keywords, the wording of your title and your description should also make mobile users want to download your application. Encourage them to download it with one or more call-to-action.


Do you want to promote your application on the international market? Work your keywords in different languages, the main ones. The SEO of your application does not consist here of translating your French keywords word for word but of analyzing the target market to deduce the most relevant words.

For that, I refer you to this article: the internationalization of content, a new challenge. The referencing of a mobile application is also an optimal visual. The first thing the mobile user will see is the logo of your application. It must therefore be imagined with the greatest care. A good logo is a fluid logo and usually without text.

A visual presentation for a well-referenced mobile application. To properly reference and market your application, you will also need to present relevant and news screenshots.

The blinds allow you to present in images the operation and the advantages of your application. Remember to renew them regularly, especially in the event of an update.

Fierce Competition

Referencing a mobile application means regular updates
In natural referencing, SEO, it is recommended to update its content regularly. In mobile application SEO, the ASO is the same.

The stores attach great importance to updates. They are a guarantee of a topical and ever better application.

Updates can be tiny. The bug fix is ​​the most common update. The idea here is to seek to constantly improve the user experience in order to offer the best possible application.

The good referencing of your mobile application does not depend only on all these technical criteria. The popularity of your application is indeed essential for stores.

The popularity of your application is measured by the number of downloads but also by the rating given to your application by its users. It is therefore important to encourage them to rate you and to rate you well!

Thus, to optimize its popularity, it will be essential to set up a complete communication strategy in order to promote your mobile application.

How to promote your mobile application
As we have seen for the promotion of a standard product , the success of your application is played out long before its launch.

You don’t have to wait until you have launched your app to communicate around. On launch day, you’ll need to be able to count on a committed community so you don’t miss your departure. You will thus guarantee yourself a significant volume of downloads. For this, you will need to have aroused impatience in your target. How? ‘Or’ What ? Here are some ideas!

Promote your application on social networks
In your communication campaign, social networks will undoubtedly be your best ally. First of all, you will have to define the platforms frequented by your target to then build a complete communication strategy.

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