By making the above mistakes, you are preventing your prospect from seeing you as the best expert in your field. Are you wondering how to the USA Phone Number List networks? Be careful, everything will play out here! As we have seen in the preamble, the buyer himself searches for information. On the internet to carry out his purchase reflection. Studies show that he consults on average 3 different pieces of content before making his decision. They read blog posts, download white papers, watch online lectures, and snoop on social media. In this quest for information, believe me, it always comes across the same 2 or 3 actors.

These actors are those who have taken the trouble to improve their visibility on the Internet. By publishing articles about your target’s issues on their website. Relaying interesting content on social networks, and expressing themselves online in the same language as your prospects, your competitors are the most visible on Google and search engines. They are the best experts according to your prospects. So you know what you have to do? To go further: 7 steps to be visible on the Internet and generate more leads You minimize the risks/disadvantages of your solutions This error is to be coupled with . in order to obtain more appointments and gain more clients despite less effective traditional prospecting levers

Always Do The Different Sales Presentation

you tend not to focus on the risks or weaknesses of your offer in relation to the objectives. And issues of your customers. Unfortunately for you, as we have seen previously, your prospect scans the internet, analyzes and compares all the solutions. Available to him before making his decision. Your prospect, therefore, discovers these risks and drawbacks for himself. Moreover, if this is not the case and he ends up signing anyway, you will eventually find yourself in a complex situation because, very often, your new client will be disappointed by your product or service which will not bring him back. not the expected results. “It’s mathematical, the more you prospect, the more you sell.


How many times have I heard this remark in business? Dozens and dozens. To prospect effectively, contrary to what you might think, you should not be bulky. We must prioritize quality. By prospecting everyone and everyone, you cannot afford to personalize your sales presentation and therefore find yourself spoiling a meeting that you had so hard to obtain by giving a speech too impersonal to convince your prospect. Finally, a sales presentation is a bit like a cover letter: if you send the same to everyone, you will still show up at Pôle Emploi for a long time. To convert your prospects into customers, you must imperatively personalize each of your commercial presentations by orienting it around the problems and the objectives of your target.

You Target Your Prospects Should Be Too Broadly

Also, consider adding a summary of your previous exchanges to your sales presentation and providing context based on elements that you may have found on your prospect’s website or social networks. You have all the elements in hand to determine who is the decision-maker in the companies you are targeting. Unfortunately, all too often you still find yourself interacting with the wrong person hoping that they’ll take your information to the next level. You can’t do anything about it because in the end, he’s the only person who agrees to meet you and as you have set yourself the goal of getting as many dates as possible, you won’t spit on it. With the Internet and social networks.

you not only have the possibility of identifying the right decision-maker but in addition to coming into contact with him in a proactive and altruistic manner in order to convince him, in the long term, to meet you. To do this, I advise you to download our free guide “4 steps to modernize your business prospecting strategy”. How to prospect well in the age of the Web and Social Networks? Automate to save time, but not only. Commercial prospecting is not an easy task, especially since the decline in the performance of traditional prospecting actions requires you to increase your efforts to achieve the same results. In short, to prospect well, you must send the right message to the right person, at the right time.

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