The digital prospecting approach bases all its actions around the purchasing process of your prospect. Your digital prospecting tools. As we Russia Phone Number List of prospecting tools to reach your targets. In the sales arsenal, the telephone and email are the main allies when it comes to winning over new customers. To do digital prospecting, we will rely on a base of much broader prospecting tools that will allow you to reach your Buyer Persona in a different way: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MailChimp (or any other platform of sending e-mailings), your company’s blog, Youtube, your prospects’ blog, marketing automation , Google+, white papers, contact forms, webinars …

That’s a lot of prospecting tools? Don’t panic, refer to the description of your Persona to select the most relevant tools for you! Depending on their Internet usage habits, you will know which digital prospecting tools to use. You have identified your type of business to target, your typical prospect, their buying journey and have your digital prospecting tools ready. You will now use this preparation as you take action. The basics of this preparation phase are not fixed, they will evolve as you analyze the results of your actions. B2B marketing automation guide. The 4 stages of digital prospecting in B2B. 1 of B2B digital prospecting ▸ Identify your prospects

B2B Digital Prospecting

For this first step, all the preparation work done in Chapter 1 will be very useful to you. Indeed, at this stage you know which companies are part of your target market. The types of contacts to favor and you know their habits. 57% of buyers have already made their choice before contacting sellers. You therefore have all the cards in hand to properly select. And prospect the contacts who are in your target market. There are then two scenarios: You have leads to manage. Contacts have indeed subscribed to your newsletter or downloaded your last white paper. Good news, you will be sorting out and prospecting for people who fit into the description (or who come closest to it) of your buyer persona.


It is the most favorable situation and the easiest to manage. The prospect is not yet a customer but he has taken a first step to let you know that he is interested in your activity. Your website does not generate leads : No subscription to your newsletter or contact request on your form and therefore, no incoming contact to manage. In this case, you must go in search of your ideal prospect using different tools: Google Analytics, allows you to know which companies are visiting your site. To trace back to your buyer persona, use, for example, LinkedIn to find out who occupies the position of your ideal prospect within the visiting company.

Advise Your Prospects

Social media, Twitter, LinkedIn and the blog of targeted companies are all tools to use to identify qualified prospects. Contacts and companies that publish content related to your activities and sharing on social networks are all signals to identify the right relationships to explore. Finally, a permanent watch, with for example Feedly, on the organization of events such as a trade fair, recruitment or the opening of a new office also makes it possible to identify new opportunities and therefore, new potential prospects. . There are therefore many digital prospecting tools to identify companies and contacts that will primarily interest you. Select the ones that seem most relevant to your business, test them and apply corrective actions for more efficiency.

2 of B2B digital prospecting ▸ Get in touch with your prospects. The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. You will be able to get in touch with your prospects. But be careful, unlike a traditional business prospecting plan, you must rely on what you have learned from your personas to meet their expectations. This is essential in digital prospecting. Remember that the buyer today appreciates thinking about his purchase on his own and no longer expects you to sell a solution: the buyer rather expects you to show him that you are the best person for help them solve their problem and achieve their goals. So finished the prefabricated sales presentations.

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