Do you want to generate leads on the Internet but wonder if you will have the time to manage them all? Is your website Indonesia Phone Number List to process all of them? Here is a methodology to manage your leads… quickly and well! To meet these challenges, we have defined a clear process and hierarchy for managing and assigning prospects using a matrix known as “Lead Management”. Our Leads Management matrix allows us and our clients to be more efficient in the commercial approach. Collect key information to build your Lead Management matrix. In order to understand the Lead Management matrix, it is essential to determine what is your ideal type of prospect profile: we are talking about Persona .

Referring to your Personas allows you to determine if the leads from your website are qualified enough. Therefore, you are able to have on your website the relevant forms. To retrieve all the information you need to validate that a lead is qualified or not. To establish these forms. Therefore refer to your Personas and ask the right question to the sales team. “What kind of lead do you want to manage?” To determine if a lead is qualified enough. You need to collect two types of information: demographic information and behavioral information. Demographic information can be the role of the lead, the size of their company, their industry or even their main objective.

You Have To Face Few Challenges

To complete this portrait of your ideal prospect, you can use information based on your lead’s behavior. Here you can analyze information such as. The time spent on important pages (services, customer cases, etc.). The number of completed forms. Interaction with your marketing and newsletter emails. By compiling this demographic and behavioral information, you can determine if your prospects are qualified and mature enough to have an initial conversation with your sales department. Measuring the level of interest and maturity of your leads is exactly the goal of this process. Leverage your Lead Management matrix. Your Leads Management matrix is ​​therefore made up of two types of information: implicit and explicit data.


Implied data, by definition, is information that is not intentionally transmitted by your lead. They are collected from data flows mainly resulting from interactions with your website, your social networks and your emails. Conversely, explicit data is information intentionally provided by your lead when submitting a contact form, for example. But how do you use these two types of data to optimize the management of your leads? How does data management allow marketing to pass leads to salespeople at the best time? By crossing the Lead Management matrix and all the data collected, the marketing department is able to locate each lead in the purchasing process and therefore establish the type of action to be taken for each of them. .

If You Realy Want To Manage Your Leads Well

The idea here is to prioritize the treatment of the most mature leads by the sales department and to feed the thinking of others, ideally automatically with a Marketing Automation solution. When you generate a new lead from your website, marketing and sales can therefore quickly position it in the Lead Management matrix and determine how to manage it. In the Lead Management matrix below, the x-axis represents the level of a prospect’s interest in your offer while the y-axis represents your prospect’s level of qualification. The lead management matrix to convert Organize lead management between Marketing and Sales. Whether in lead generation or conversion, alignment between Marketing and Sales is crucial . The Lead Management matrix allows the two services to distribute the tasks well.

High level of qualification and interest. These are hot leads representing the target to be contacted as a priority. Not only do they match your ideal prospect profile perfectly, they’ve also scoured your site for information and downloaded one or more premium content offerings. Sales reps should get in touch with this lead immediately. High qualification level, Low interest. These are leads that match your ideal prospect profile but have not yet shown much interest in your brand and your communications (little engagement on emails sent, few pages visited on your site…). To properly manage these leads, Marketing must feed their buying thinking. We’re talking about Lead Nurturing. Low qualification level and high interest.

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