Then, it is important to adapt your frequency of publication on social networks according to the behavior of your target. Concretely, you Uruguay Phone Number List see how your fans and subscribers respond. If you post too much or not enough, they will either leave or be inactive.

Your frequency of publication on social networks will change regularly. For my part, I take stock of my frequency of publication every quarter.

When are the best times to post on social media? The best times to post depend on your target audience and social media.
There are no miracle recipes here, but there are still good practices on which you can rely to optimize the impact of your communication on social networks.

In B2B (communication to professionals), I advise you to plan your publications generally from Monday to Friday. You can also avoid Friday afternoons and Monday mornings, the weekend makers preparing or recovering. I also recommend against Wednesday as it is traditionally Children’s Day and some of your target might not be working on this day.

To help you think about this, I conducted a general study on the best times to post on social media.

As I tell you, this information is general and it will be important for you to test it and measure the feedback to adapt it to your communication on social networks.

How can I gain my first fans and subscribers on social networks? On social networks, patience is the mother of all virtues!

The first thing to remember is that you will not go from 0 to 10,000 fans or subscribers in 15 days. This belief, I find it very often in my clients and it necessarily leads to a loss of patience and a decision to stop their communication actions on social networks.

Paste Posts On All Site

On social networks, we talk about virality. Concretely, this means that the more fans / subscribers you have, the more you will earn regularly. Unfortunately, we have to start one day …

To attract more fans and subscribers to your social networks, there is also no miracle recipe here: you will have to seduce them and convince them to follow you by posting quality content. The key to your success on social networks depends directly on your patience and the regularity of your actions.

How to get started on social networks. Do I need to invest in social media advertising campaigns? You will likely need to invest in social media advertising campaigns. Of course, it depends on the social network on which you want to establish yourself and your initial notoriety.


If you are like the majority of my clients, you have a local reputation, at most national. And this, only with your customers, partners and suppliers. It is for this reason that my clients decide to communicate on social networks: they want to gain visibility and attract new clients.

In this case and while waiting for the effects of virality, you will certainly have to set aside a small budget to run a sponsored campaign on the selected social networks. Especially on Facebook. Don’t panic, if you do it right, your social media advertising campaign will earn you a lot more than you spend.

To enable you to carry out an effective advertising campaign on Facebook, I have implemented the OPTIMAL strategy: 8 steps for a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

I fear for my image when communicating on social networks, am I right. No, communicating on social networks will allow you to control your image. This fear comes up systematically in all the training sessions that I run around social networks.

Maybe Paste Is Prohibited On Social Site

I can no longer count the number of times my clients and prospects have told me that they do not want to communicate on social networks so as not to see negative comments about their business appear on the web. Are you also in this case? You are really on the wrong track!

On the Internet and social networks, a dissatisfied customer talks about it to 5000!
To this fear, I always answer with two questions:

Who tells you that no one talks badly about you or your products on the internet today?
How do you deal with these negative comments today?
Communicating on social networks will allow you to centralize comments around your brand but also to be informed and respond to them in real time. If you don’t have a Facebook page and your customers are there, they’ll post their disappointment on their personal account. If you have a Facebook page, chances are they’ll mention you or post their review on it.

Being present on social networks therefore allows you to monitor and control your online reputation.

Can I remove negative comments? Yes and no. Censorship is not well received on social media, but it is important to punish bad behavior.
I never recommend that my clients erase negative comments on social media. Not only because it can result in a Bad Buzz for the brand that does not assume but also because for me, a negative comment is an opportunity to gain visibility and to show your customers that you take care of them.

If you respond to a negative comment on social media quickly and in a relevant way, you can change your customer’s mind and also prevent other consumers with the same problem from posting a similar comment.

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