Do you want to generate qualified leads and gain new B2B customers? This inevitably requires a good Uruguay Email List and sales. The buyer who is always more connected and autonomous in his thinking imposes this alignment between marketing and sales on you. Let’s see how to do it. Why Marketing and Sales Should Absolutely Collaborate in B2B? To take it a step further, here are 4 reasons to align B2B sales and marketing. What are the dangers of a marketing and sales misalignment? You go to your favorite mechanic to change your tires and there, badly surprised when you get the keys, he tells you that the wheels of your car are not aligned.

He warns you: a bad alignment of the wheels, the famous lack of parallelism, can deteriorate your steering, the shock absorbers and accentuate the wear of your tires. A poor alignment between sales and marketing will inevitably take a toll on your entire business. Poor sales and marketing alignment loss of customers. 65% of B2B companies say that poor collaboration between marketing and sales leads to lost business opportunities. Understand customers. To go further here, here are the risks of misalignment between sales and marketing. Aligning marketing and sales means defining complementary objectives. So what can be done to promote collaboration between the sales and marketing departments? If the two services often have trouble getting along.

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The sales department is under pressure from short-term goals when the marketing department is more of a medium / long-term affair. To foster collaboration between sales and marketing, it is essential to start by setting complementary goals. Since the sales department must sign X new customers and for that it needs to meet Y prospects, the marketing department will have to send these Y prospects to the sales department and therefore attract Z visitors to the website for this. Do you want to know more? Here is our methodology for defining complementary goals for marketing and sales. Aligning marketing and sales means working together on the profile of the ideal prospect. To sum up: marketing must generate qualified leads and sales must convert them.


For this to work perfectly, it is essential that marketing and sales work together to work on a common definition of what a qualified lead is. We are talking about Buyer Persona. The idea here is that marketing and sales together identify a list of criteria that characterize your ideal prospect, as well as the criteria that characterize a bad prospect. From then on, marketing will be able to transmit the best leads to the sales department and your leads to customers’ conversion rate will only be better. To work on your profile of the ideal prospect, it’s here. Aligning marketing and sales is committing to an SLA. In order to foster collaboration between marketing and sales.

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It is important that both departments have written commitments to each other. For this, we recommend that you work on an SLA. A Service Level Agreement. The SLA clearly defines how many leads marketing should pass on to sales and when and how sales should handle them. Here we present our methodology for writing an SLA that truly promotes collaboration between sales and marketing. Aligning marketing and sales means taking stock regularly. In conclusion, the alignment between sales and marketing is never final. If you want the two services to continue to collaborate effectively over time, it is essential to organize regular meetings between the two services. We are talking about Smarketing Meeting.

The purpose of a Smarketing Meeting is to allow the sales and marketing departments to take stock of the leads generated, the leads converted and the problems encountered by the two services. At the end of the Smarketing Meeting, the two departments leave with some optimizations to make to their actions. That proves you’re not generating qualified leads. The problem here is that a lot of companies have a bad habit of passing all the leads they generate from the Internet to sales reps. A person downloads a white paper, we send it to the salesperson. A person clicks in an E-mail, ditto. And there, it created tensions between the Marketing department and the sales department.

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