Your contact must be able to answer you by pressing “answer” once and a second on “send”. To go deeper into the extraordinary email: How to Kenya Phone Number List your prospecting goals and test your Marketing Automation strategy. Digital Marketing has a huge advantage over traditional communication and marketing: it allows for in-depth analysis and extensive testing without incurring too much expense or resources.

To fully exploit this potential and prospect effectively with Marketing Automation, you must set yourself SMART objectives and determine the indicators to follow to validate that your prospecting actions and your Marketing Automation strategy are relevant.

By having precisely defined your objectives, you can then move on to a Marketing Automation test campaign to check the relevance of the actions worked on in the two previous tips.

Even if you have worked well upstream, clearly identified your objectives and properly prepared your prospecting sequences, there will always be a delta between the results of your prospecting actions and your forecasts.

Email sending tests are a good opportunity to validate the relevance of your Marketing Automation strategy before applying it to all your contacts. A test Marketing Automation campaign will allow you to make changes to your communications by asking yourself the following questions:

You can explore all these avenues, and many more, until you find the formula that will bring the best possible results to your Marketing Automation strategy.

To conclude, once Marketing Automation has been optimized, it has the tremendous capacity to increase its follow-up actions towards its customers and prospects. However, to prospect well with Marketing Automation, it is important to understand that your actions must be integrated into a complete Inbound Marketing strategy.

You Need To Set Up A 3-step Inbound Marketing Approach

Promoting an innovative product is not easy. It is for this reason that many start-ups do not pass the 5-year mark and that so many technology companies fail to launch a new product. Fortunately, there is a solution: it’s called Inbound Marketing!

It is no accident that the vast majority of our clients are innovative or technological companies. Usually, digital SMEs come to us after having noticed that they were unable to reach their targets because of the too innovative nature of their products or services.

Promoting an innovative product is a real challenge
Whether you are an IT service company, a start-up or an innovative player in your market, you are bound to face a major obstacle: your customers are not aware that an innovative solution like yours exists and you are not therefore not search directly.


You are aware that it is important to communicate on the internet and social networks to promote your offer, but the innovative nature of your products or services prevents you from identifying and exploiting the right points of contact.

In this situation, it is important that you communicate well upstream in the purchase thinking of your target. In fact, your challenge will be to catch the attention of your target before they are even aware of having a problem and then convince them that your innovative product is THE solution.

3 steps to promote an innovative product on the Internet and Social Networks. Identify your target, their issues and create content!
To promote an innovative product, you know, you have to show a lot of pedagogy. You must educate your target who does not know the uses or the benefits of your innovative product.

Present Your Innovative Product As The Solution

In this process, it is important that you have a perfect knowledge of who your target is and what are the problems that it encounters. Let’s take an example.

One of our clients recently launched an innovative product: it is an online project management platform. Its target is SMEs with around 20 employees who do not have the budgets to develop a corporate social network or acquire an expensive software solution. Its target wants to save time, gain in productivity or even promote remote work for its employees.

So that our client succeeds in promoting his innovative product, we have therefore decided to launch a blog on his website and to regularly deliver tips and tricks to increase productivity or facilitate remote work!

We then relay all of his blog articles on social networks and send 2 newsletters each month to a base of qualified contacts. The results are excellent.

After 4 months, his blog was already generating an average of 300 visits to target SMEs per day, who then learned about his project management platform. Today, our client convinces an average of 50 SMEs to use his service every month!
So you have understood it: to promote an innovative product, it is essential to communicate with your target as soon as you become aware of a problem. However, by doing so, you will only succeed in attracting qualified traffic to your website and not in obtaining inbound contacts, requests for quotes and new customers.

You must now convince your visitors that your innovative product is the solution they need to solve their problem. Take the example of an IT services company that offers an outsourcing service: it offers its customers the opportunity to manage their entire IT infrastructure so that they can devote themselves serenely to their activity.

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