To optimize the impact of an event, it is essential to set up a communication strategy before, during and after D-Day. How to Chile WhatsApp Number List networks? The answer in 12 key steps!
The success of an event is never guaranteed.

Despite the financial investment, despite the time you spend on its organization and the quality of your programming, it is not guaranteed that your event will move the crowds. To put the odds on your side and get the impact you are targeting, it is essential to promote your event.

With a real strategy!

Communicating about your event will allow you to gain visibility and notoriety, increase the number of participants and their commitment. To promote your event before, during and after D-Day, social networks are proving to be relevant levers.

You still have to use them judiciously. So how do you do it? How to promote your event on social networks? Need Help Promoting Your Event on Social Media? Take advantage of our Online Coaching Offer
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12 steps to promote an event on social media
Step # 1 | Choose the right social networks
To promote an event effectively on social networks, it is first necessary to strategically select the platforms on which to communicate.

To choose the social networks to use to promote your event, think about your objectives and your target. Who is your target? What does she expect from you? What content does she enjoy consuming? On which platforms? To go further: Which social networks to choose for your business?

Step # 2 | Define a hashtag for your event
The hashtag has a double advantage in promoting an event on social networks.

First, it will allow you to follow and analyze everything that is said before, during and after your event. This watch will therefore allow you to adjust the organization and promotion of your event in real time.

To Communicate Well Around Your Event

Then, the hashtag will allow you to reinforce the image of your event. Ultimately, the event is a product where the hashtag is the brand. In this process, the hashtag will also strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community among the participants.

To promote your event with a quality hashtag, keep it simple and short. Remember that on Twitter, tweets are limited to 280 characters.

Also, to encourage participants to use your hashtag, do not hesitate to use it to communicate about everything you do. In each of your posts on social networks, on your visuals, on the place of the event etc.

Finally, remember to ask participants to mention this hashtag to communicate around the event on social networks.


Step # 3 | Do some teasing
To promote your event on social networks and convince your target to participate, you need to make their mouth water.

To do this, well in advance of D-Day, start promoting your event on social networks by going behind the scenes of the organization or by regularly revealing small parts of the program.

Step # 4 | Invite influencers
No matter what industry you’re in, it’s a safe bet that there are thousands of influencers you can invite to your event.

Influencers have a large and engaged community.

If it catches their interest, influencers will not hesitate to promote your event on their social networks or their website.

Be careful, influencers are very much in demand. So take care to personalize your message and be creative!

Step # 5 | Designate someone to communicate during the event
I regularly organize conferences around web marketing and digital communication.

I manage all the communication of the event and its organization.

However, on the day of the event, I cannot be on stage and communicate on social networks …

The solution here to optimize the promotion of an event is to designate a person to communicate during the event on social networks by posting quotes, photos or videos.

You Must Generate Interest And Impatience

Step # 6 | Broadcast the event live
When you organize an event, there are inevitably people who cannot be free to attend.

However, they are seduced by the theme …Don’t leave them in their frustration and allow them to follow your event live. To broadcast an event live, you have various tools such as Periscope or Facebook Live .

One of the advantages of using live streaming to broadcast your event live is that you will then have a video to allow those absent to see it in replay via YouTube or any other platform.

Step # 7 | Offer a Wi-Fi connection
If you want attendees to communicate around your event live on social media, you need to make sure they all have sufficient connection.

For this, the best solution is to offer Wi-Fi access and display the steps to follow to connect to it at the venue of the event. You can also make a verbal reminder of the username and password before starting your event.

Step # 8 | Live stream Twitter during the event
To encourage participants to communicate live on social networks, nothing is more relevant than to display live what is being said on social networks.

It’s human, we are more tempted to do something if several before us have done it. Seeing tweets scrolling through the event will make your attendees more tempted to take action.

Step # 9 | Take as many pictures as possible
To optimize the visibility of your event and promote communication with others, remember to take as many photos as possible on the spot.

If you can, plan a fun, aesthetic place for participants to take pictures of. People love it and they are sure to be relaying these wonderful photos on social media. In addition, by posting the best photos on your social networks at the end of the event, you will be able to maintain the visibility provided by the event and encourage participants to join you simply to see how they appear in the photos.

Step # 10 | Report back
The end of an event does not mean the end of its promotion.

With social networks, you can continue to promote your event by posting an account of what happened on D-Day. Text, photos, videos… everything is good to bring the event to life for participants and allow those absent to see what they missed. Continuing to communicate your event will allow you to benefit from the visibility it brings to you for a while.

Step # 11 | Make the next appointment
The success of your event should allow you to optimize the impact of the next one. So don’t hesitate to use social networks to make your next appointment!

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