Those who have already indulged in the exercise know it: organizing a press conference is a real obstacle course! Journalists are called upon everywhere, the Honduras WhatsApp Number List and you often have to deal with limited budgets.

Periscope is a relevant solution in this process. By hosting a press conference on Periscope, you will save your reporters a trip and therefore they may be more inclined to participate.

In addition, by organizing your press conference on a social network like Periscope, you will expand your “catchment area”. Why settle for the local press when you can communicate with journalists from all over the world since they only need a smartphone to follow it? Moreover, studies show that journalists are very fond of social networks , you should take advantage of it! Periscope is a way to set yourself apart from your competition in organizing your business operations.

Thanks to Periscope, you can organize live contests (quizzes of all kinds for example!). You also have the possibility of offering promotions and special discounts to all the people who follow your direct on Periscope by communicating to them a promo code for the occasion.

Are you not fed up with referring your customers to your website’s traditional FAQ page? What if Periscope revolutionized all of this? Thanks to Periscope, you will be able to organize “hotlines” in order to answer all the questions of your customers… and future customers!

Organize Your Press Conferences

Offer real-time customer service. A bit like the previous use, Periscope can help you dust off your customer service! Some brands do not hesitate to provide all or part of their customer service on Facebook and especially Twitter. However, in writing, you are not immune from misunderstanding on the part of your customers. In addition, the time you spend responding to them may cause them frustration. With Periscope, you will be able to meet your customers’ expectations in real time and thus optimize your satisfaction rate. Conduct your market research live. Market research is so long and laborious that many companies overlook this crucial step.

To carry out your market research, you can take your questionnaires directly to the streets, do some phoning, offer written online questionnaires like Google Form… Periscope completes this already extensive list by offering 3 advantages.


Carrying out your market research on Periscope will indeed allow you to ask your questions firsthand, directly and to a larger and varied sample.

Best practices for getting started on Periscope
Are you convinced of the interest of Periscope for your communication strategy? Here is now a list of best practices in order to take full advantage of it:

Remember to promote your live Periscope upstream!
Are you worried about finding yourself in front of an empty (virtual) room? That’s silly, but plan to promote your Periscope event well in advance.

For this, you can use your other social networks, in particular Twitter, owner of the platform. You can also run an e-mailing campaign, announce your lives on your website and even create a special signature for your e-mails! Schedule your live Periscope at the right time!

Schedule Question And Answer Sessions

Again, it’s common sense but make sure to program your live Periscope to have the maximum audience. It is very important here to know your customers and their purchasing behavior, but also to analyze each of your outings on Periscope in order to draw the necessary conclusions!The web allows you to adjust your communication strategy in real time, why deprive yourself of it?

Don’t stay in your corner!
Let’s not forget, Periscope is a social network. And who says social network says? Social! To build a solid community on Periscope, you will need to follow accounts related to your market and your customers.

Train your employees!
Your employees are your first ambassadors. By training them in Periscope and the uses you make of it, you will enable them to support you in your efforts and improve their services.

Be regular!
If you say to yourself that you are going to organize a live on Periscope and then see the fallout, you are on the wrong track! One of the keys to success is consistency.

As with any social network, you will have to work on an editorial line and plan your Periscope lives according to your human, financial and time resources.

In conclusion,
Periscope is the social network that you should not neglect in your communication strategy since it responds to current marketing trends: video, mobile and instantaneity.

We have seen a list of 10 ways to integrate Periscope into your communication strategy, but it is far from exhaustive! As with Snapchat , imagination and creativity will make the difference on Periscope. Have fun !

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