By having tapped into all these sources of inspiration, you will end up with a list of dozens of keywords. It is then up to you to select the Lithuania Phone Number List of competition and the research potential. To do this, you can in particular look at the number of existing results on Google by entering each of your keywords. Optimize your website. Now that you have identified the keywords on which you want to be well referenced to be more visible on the internet, you must integrate them into your website. For this, you must make sure that your keywords appear in the strategic places of your website.

For your website to be well referenced on Google and therefore to be clearly visible, you must skillfully enter your keywords in the Title tags (h1, h2, h3 …), in the URL of your pages, in the tag meta description and in the “alt” tag of your images.

If your site is optimized for mobile browsing, the load time is less than 3 seconds, and other sites have posted links to yours, you will most likely rank well on Google.

Write a documented strategy
To be visible on the internet, you must regularly implement relevant communication actions and plan them over the long term. Being visible on the internet requires patience and work.

If you want to be visible on the internet, you must therefore be organized and be rigorous in your actions. For this, writing a documented strategy presenting all the actions necessary to achieve your objective as well as precise planning is essential.

In addition to allowing you to see clearly, the documented strategy will allow you to be more engaged and to put all the chances on your side to be more visible on the internet.

With Inbound Marketing

After having carried out the first 4 steps, you have made sure to rank your website well in the search engines and to determine the actions to be put in place to be more visible on the internet. In your strategy, you inevitably identified social networks as the levers to be activated.

To communicate well on social networks, you must optimize your accounts. This involves filling in all the fields available to you using your keywords but also images. Your profile photos and cover photos should look professional and engaging. How to communicate well on social networks to boost your business? 25 pages of tips and tricks!

The blog is THE lever to operate to be visible on the Internet. Why ? Because the blog is often the only place that will allow you to regularly create content on your website. However, to be more visible on the Internet you must create content.


I am living proof that it works. I created the blog in 2013 with the sole ambition of transmitting my skills in digital marketing. A few months later, the blog brought me back my first requests for quotes and allowed me to launch the digital agency SLN Web. Today, this blog is visited by an average of 15,000 people each month and is my number one source of revenue.

Analyze your actions
The big difference between internet communication and traditional communication is that you can monitor the effectiveness of your actions in real time. Unlike an advertisement in the press or sending a paper mailing, you have the possibility of checking in real time that your publications on social networks, your blog articles or your e-mailings bring you traffic and generate a return on substantial investment. For this, you can use Google Analytics which is a free tool. Why deprive yourself of it?

Steps To Be Visible On The Internet

Communicating well on Social Networks is a bit more difficult for IT service companies (SSII / ESN). You have to use your imagination to gain attention, deal with fierce competition, and deal with difficult customers. To communicate well, you must respect these 3 imperatives.

Since 2013, we have been supporting IT services companies in their communication actions on the Internet and Social Networks. In the field, I realized that you were well aware of the challenges that social networks represent for your activity, but very often, you are hampered in your actions for several reasons:

You are afraid of negative comments!
You don’t know what to post on social media!
You lack perspective to speak in the language of your customers!
You are absorbed by the problems of your daily life!
Managing the IT stock of companies is no easy task. You have to deal with demanding customers who can no longer do without their IT, even a few minutes. Suddenly, you are monopolized on all sides and are also afraid that your customers will spit their frustration on social networks.

In addition, as an IT services company, your fields of activity are very technical. You must therefore be imaginative to hold the attention of your targets but also make a superhuman effort to clearly translate the added value you bring to your customers.

You want us to discuss the communication of your IT services company on the Internet? Contact me now!
So how do you communicate well on social networks when you are an IT services company? Here are 3 imperatives to respect… Absolutely! 3 imperatives for communicating well on Social Networks when you are an IT services company

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