Complete by manually adding links on other internal pages with the same semantic context. Pages will see their SEO improve! If Antigua and Barbuda Email List delete it. To automate this process, try my RM Sitemaps tool. The second is to take advantage of spring to clean up your site. That said, this trick works all year round. Why? Simply because for a long time (at least Panda, 2011), to judge the quality of your site, Google is based on all the pages that you ask it to index. In other words, you may have old pages that were poorly done, with very little added value, but that you left on your site anyway.

It would be a shame if they pulled the right pages from the bottom. I call them zombies! Pages that are often “rotten” and which do not generate traffic and are seldom seen. In short, spot them and then check that you have given them every chance (yet) to perform well. Those that are unrecoverable should be removed, but the goal is to update the content to improve the overall quality of the site. Every article online on your site should be of top quality. SEO – Daniel Roch’s tips. Daniel Roch – SeoMix: Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and ask yourself a simple question: what are their needs and how do they express them? For an SME to stand out and improve the SEO of its website, there are several ways.

We must therefore be more efficient and smart

No need to fight from a financial point of view because large groups will have more resources. The first SEO tip is quite simple: work on your local visibility. Have a link from the sites of its partners and customers; Have a complete Local Business file (address, opening hours, photos) and above all, bring it to life with customer reviews and frequent publications; Find local sites to reference your activity: Yelp, JusteACôté, LesHoraires, etc; Also, think about the sites specific to your geographical location or your profession: the site of the CCI, the town hall, the professional branch, etc; Once this step is done, the second SEO tip is simple too.


Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and ask yourself a simple question: what are their needs and how do they express them in a search engine? Once the answer is found, publish an article on the subject. But don’t pretend: your post should be comprehensive and relevant. You must become THE reference on the subject dealt with. Then, it’s up to you to distribute it and talk about it on the sites of your theme (try not to be too much in “I’m advertising” mode but rather “I’ll give you the link to our publication because it responds to your need). The last tip, stand out! Nothing is easier than getting links and writing content when our offer stands out from the competition.

But we have to rack our brains

It is thus easier to have quotes in the press, social shares, or even natural links on other sites. I also recommend the excellent book “Blue Ocean Strategy” which can give you some avenues for work on this theme of differentiation. SEO – Ludovic Salenne’s tips. [Bonus] Ludo – SLN Web: “The voice is revolutionizing SEO. Prepare your website for voice search! Voice search on Google has exploded in recent years. However, as you know, we do not research in the same way in writing as we do orally. Speaking, we are generally more in a hurry and expect a clear and concise answer to our question. To respond to this new search behavior and optimize the SEO of your website for years to come.

I recommend that you take the following actions: First, you will need to optimize your web pages for position 0 on Google. I’ll give you all the keys here. Then, you can create an FAQ page on your website answering questions that your customers and prospects may ask themselves in their purchase thinking. Other tips already mentioned in this article are essential: Secure browsing with an SSL certificate; Work on your local SEO; You will then be armed to respond to the famous “Ok Google! “And” Hey Siri! SEO – Seb’s tips. [Bonus 2] Seb – SLN Web: “The sales department has a role to play in SEO if you want to make it a profitable strategy! Being first on Google is good.

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