And If you encounter difficulties in building your end-of-quarter ROI because of these Finland Email List software solutions. The use of such software gives you a structure of the data. This allows you to analyze with precision the most efficient levers and therefore to be able to replicate them. If you choose an Inbound Marketing tool, you are strongly advised to rely on external expertise. The idea is to make the right choice by having support for the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy and especially of Inbound Marketing software. Does the company have the capacity to assume the investment to be made in the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy?

The financial question is at the center of all concerns. The investment concerning the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy must be considered not in terms of financial investment but in terms of return on investment. As we indicated a little above, the sustainable competitive advantage of the Inbound Marketing strategy brings an evolution of the working methods, and SEO performance over time, a shortening of the duration of your sales cycle, a better knowledge of expectations of your Personas, the better synergy between your marketing and sales teams, an increase in the number of leads generated and ultimately increased turnover and profitability. Beyond the cost that can represent the implementation of an inbound marketing tool and an inbound marketing strategy.

Human support is also to be taken into consideration

It is not enough to add the mention “digital” to your traditional marketing department for it to be able to lead alone the implementation. For the correct definition of Lead Scoring, it is important to collect key information: to collect it, the Lead generation form is an essential element. To properly define your Lead Scoring, collect socio-demographic information. Your products and services meet a type of need and target a specific type of customer. This specific client is your Buyer Persona. Your Buyer Persona has a number of attributes that you have assigned to it:


His experience; The hierarchy of his current position; The department in which it operates; Its geographic area; Etc … To understand if your Lead meets these criteria, it couldn’t be easier! You just have to ask him. Include questions related to this socio-demographic information in your lead generation forms. The responses you collect will also allow you to rate visitors who don’t match your ideal customer. Because the correct definition of Lead Scoring also involves identifying negative criteria. The first complexity you will be faced with is the length of your form. It is important to know as much as possible about your Leads… but keep in mind that a form.

The number of employees

That is too long or too intrusive can scare your visitor away. To prevent people from filling out your forms, there are some mistakes you shouldn’t make. To properly define your Lead Scoring, collect information about the company. If you specialize in B2B, on what criteria do you distinguish interesting Leads from others? To ensure that the definition of your Lead Scoring is effective, you can ask your visitors in your forms: Turnover; The area of ​​the activity; The length of the sales cycle; Refer to your Personas to identify the information that should earn more points in your Lead Scoring. For an effective lead scoring definition, remember to subtract points.

In your lead scoring from information about the company that is not aligned with your ideal target. To properly define your Lead Scoring, follow the behavior of your Lead. The behavior of your lead on your website, his interaction with your e-mails, his desire to speak with your sales department… all these signals provide you with additional information on his involvement in your business. In other words, you will be able to assess his purchase intention. Important information to be included in your Lead Scoring on your Lead’s behavior can be defined like this: The downloaded content; Number of content downloaded; Most visited pages; The number of emails opened; The type of appointment made with your sales department (first meeting, request for quotation, demonstration, etc.

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