looked at the cameras and then saw FNAC ads for the cameras on all the sites you visited? This is Remarketing! Social Swaziland Email List networks. Advertising on social networks is very interesting. Because it allows you to target people who do not follow you on the social network on which you are campaigning. Advertising on social networks usually consists of sponsoring one of your publications or promoting your website. The most effective advertisements are undoubtedly Facebook Ads. In B2B Inbound Marketing, ads on Twitter and LinkedIn are generally relevant. B2B Inbound Marketing Converting Visitors into Qualified Prospects If you carry out the actions that we have seen previously with regularity and rigor.

you will naturally attract qualified visitors to your website. However, that is not your goal. Your goal is to generate qualified leads. If your visitors leave your website as quickly as they arrived. It doesn’t matter much and your Inbound Marketing strategy won’t generate any return on investment. So now you need to do everything to engage. Your visitors and convert them into prospects. Concretely, this consists of implementing actions. That will allow you to retrieve the contact details of your visitors and thus validate their interest in your brand. This conversion phase is tricky for a B2B business since you have to convince. A buyer who is visiting your site for the first time to seek to find out more about a solution

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that they did not even know existed a few minutes ago or to which he does not manage. To concretely visualize the added value. To convert your visitors into prospects with the Inbound Marketing strategy. There are two essential tools: The Call-to-Action (or call-to-action button). The Landing Page (or landing page); Le Call-to-Action The Call-to-Action. Call-to-action button in French – is, as its name suggests, a button that is used to encourage. The visitor to your website to perform a specific action. Concretely, you will use the Call-to-Action to convince the visitor to leave you their contact details against the downloading of premium content. Here is an example: how to communicate well on the internet and promote your business.


Call-to-Action is simply essential to convert your visitors into prospects. To be effective, the Call-to-Action must allow the Internet user to understand at a glance the action he must perform and the added value that he will derive from it. The Call-to-Action must direct the visitor to a Landing Page. La Landing Page The Landing Page is a landing page containing a form used to retrieve your prospect’s contact details against the download of premium content. The Landing Page must be designed to optimize your conversion rate: it must limit distractions – Exit the site menu for example – and highlight the added value of the content you offer in return for the form that your prospect.

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To go further, I suggest you consult the ingredients of an Effective Landing Page. Conversion requires the creation of regular Inbound Marketing campaigns Be careful, it is not enough to integrate Call-to-Action at strategic places on your website and create a few Landing Pages to generate qualified prospects with B2B Inbound Marketing. To regularly convert your visitors into qualified prospects, you must organize Inbound Marketing campaigns based on the following mechanics: 1) You create premium white paper-type content that you offer for download on your website via a dedicated Landing Page. 2) You write several blog articles and various content (videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.) to promote this premium content. 3) You promote all of this content on your social networks.

You set up automatic e-mail sequences to send to people downloading your premium content to validate their engagement and integrate them into your sales prospecting actions. Generally, we recommend that B2B companies run one campaign of this type per quarter and per person. B2B Inbound Marketing Step # 3: Converting Your Prospects To Customers At this point in your Inbound Marketing strategy, you have generated leads but you cannot pass them on to your sales department as is. However, this is the mistake made by many Marketing Directors who send salespeople to the bottom line. Now that you have generated leads, you will need to validate their commitment to your business and your offers and then qualify them.

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