you must be altruistic and genuinely seek to solve the problems that your prospects encounter through your various content. If you take Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List offers, you may be able to attract qualified visitors, but you will never get their attention. 3. Social Networks have revolutionized communication and buyer behavior. They must therefore occupy an important place in your Inbound Marketing strategy. First, the buyer has now become accustomed to contacting a business directly on social media and receiving a response within a few minutes. Then, the buyer integrated social networks in his purchasing thinking and does not hesitate to use them to consult or solicit customer opinions.

Social networks, therefore, require you to thoroughly review the way you communicate and the way your salespeople prospect. Today, a business that does not communicate on social media inevitably misses opportunities to sell. In an Inbound Marketing approach, social networks are an excellent source of qualified traffic. Social networks allow you to promote the content that you publish on your website and therefore encourage users to visit it. To communicate well on social networks as part of your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy, you must: Select the right social networks for your business; Define an editorial line; Analyze the performance of your actions; For the last two points, we have outlined the methodology to be followed in the previous section on.

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Content Marketing. We then have to define the social networks on which you must invest in your Inbound Marketing strategy! How to define the right social networks for your Inbound Marketing strategy? Marketers make a very common mistake: in their outpouring of goodwill and enthusiasm for using social networks to generate qualified prospects, they tell themselves that to optimize their ROI, they must invest in all the social networks that exist. Ultimately, this is not wrong and it is mathematical: if you communicate effectively on all the social networks that exist, you will get more results than by devoting yourself to just 2 or 3 social networks. The important word here is “efficiently.


Unless your marketing team is made up of several dozen Community Managers, you won’t be able to communicate effectively on all social networks. To effectively integrate social media into your inbound marketing strategy, you need to take an inventory of the human resources and skills you have available to be able to determine how many social media you can actually communicate on. After you have defined that, you will just have to define the best social networks to achieve your goals. Concretely, you must determine on which social networks your prospects are. In this reflection, I suggest you take note of the study that I published on the blog presenting the most relevant social networks in B2B.

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Online Advertising The levers that we have seen so far are very effective but require. A lot of patience since the first significant results will only be felt after 3 to 4 months of regular action. Very often, if you are Marketing Manager. Or Director in a B2B company, you are ” between two chairs “. You know that marketing actions take time. To generate a return on investment but you have pressure from the management. Committee to achieve short-term goals on which the immediate economic health of your business often depends. To meet this challenge, it is interesting to combine the levers seen previously. Online advertising will guarantee you a direct return on investment.

There are different online advertising options: Advertising on Google AdWords type search engines. Le Remarketing; Advertising on social networks; Search engine advertising. This type of advertising involves posting sponsored ads in search results. When SEO takes a few months to bear fruit. Advertising on search engines such as Google AdWords allows you to be visible from the launch of the campaign. To go further and get started on AdWords. Google AdWords for Dummies Le Remarketing Remarketing is an advertising format offered by Google AdWords. Remarketing consists of placing advertising banners on partner sites of Google and visited by people who have previously visited your website. Have you ever gone to the FNAC site?

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