Telephone prospecting has been the daily life of salespeople for decades. The problem is that while the Bahamas Email List changed, B2B companies continue to prospect in the same way … It is high time to modernize the way you do telephone prospecting! Is cold telephone prospecting over in B2B? I’ll set the scene right away. If you have in mind that the best way to grow your business is to “call the whole world” to present your company and your products, you are wrong. The golden age of cold telephone prospecting is over. At first, glance, attempting to reach all of your potential targets using the tactic of telephone prospecting seems a good idea.

I was just as convinced of that as you once were. I have had success with telephone prospecting, but most of all I have encountered many difficulties at each step of the process. Obvious brakes. To begin with, if you want to do telephone prospecting, you need names and phone numbers. Unless you have prospect listings in your pocket, the easiest solution is to buy some. The data is usually only partially correct, and this means that a large number of contacts and associated numbers are not exploitable. You will then waste time and money realizing it. The second very popular option is to search for prospects on LinkedIn. Finding a switchboard phone number on a website.

The chances are slim

And calling a specific person spotted on LinkedIn can result in a telephone connection. To be honest, most of the time, your telephone prospecting attempt ends up with a switchboard that has instructions: “No sir, I’m sorry. I am not authorized to put you in touch with the requested person. The switchboard barrier has a direct impact on the efficiency of cold telephone prospecting. Even more annoying: once past the switchboard, the voicemail box invites you to leave a message… which will never be listened to! And even if you’re super good at leaving voicemail messages, the chances of you being called back are slim. This has happened to me once in 10 years of prospecting…!


Again, leaving voicemail messages on email isn’t the most efficient way to use your time to grow your bottom line. Very few of your calls reach the desired party. And when it does, it’s a safe bet that your prospect isn’t spending their day waiting for your call. It has its own schedule and more importantly, its priority topics. How likely is it that your product or service proposal arrives on time and your customer signs up with you? Very slim. The less obvious but essential reason. The modern buyer. The reason cold phone prospecting is less and less effective is the modern buyer. The modern shopper has all the information they need on the Internet and they benefit from it.

The stage that I prefer

Let me explain. B2B lead generation stats. 90% of B2B decision-makers admit to never responding to a sales prospecting call. The majority begin their buying thinking on Google. In short: the buyer prefers to talk to Google than to a salesperson…! In this situation, cold telephone prospecting cannot work. So how do you do telephone prospecting in this case? Focus your prospecting efforts on inbound Leads. Despite all these difficulties, the telephone remains the best way to get in touch with your prospects, to initiate a conversation with them in order to initiate a commercial relationship. To avoid frowning on what you read just before, I will clarify my point: telephone communication is the best way to deal with your prospects and not telephone prospecting.

Let me explain. When you get to have someone online who isn’t waiting for your call, you need to be very efficient at pitching your solution and getting a meeting. On the contrary, when you call inbound contacts – or Marketing-Generated Leads – the telephone communication you initiate is no longer based on who you are or what you are selling. No, the conversation turns directly to the topics that interest your Leads. Your Lead generation forms on your website help you collect this vital information. To report an example that I experienced a few months ago, I contacted a Lead after the summer vacation period. Once the standard barrier was passed, I introduced myself.

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