For some of your content to appear as a featured snippet, you must first respect good SEO practices. It is Belarus Email List SEO, the sites which have a strong domain authority tend to rank better in the results of voice searches. Then, we know that about 75% of voice search results are taken from the first 3 results of this same search on desktop. It has also been calculated by Backlinko that the pages from which the voice responses are taken contain an average of 2,312 words. Once again, this is super consistent with the general recommendations in terms of SEO! In short, the higher you rank on desktop and mobile.

The more chance you will have of positioning yourself on a voice response! To go further: How to properly reference your website? Make your pages scannable and airy. Both for Google and for the reader – or the listener as far as we’re concerned. The reader never reads the entire content, even when it’s the best in the world. Is not it? Making it scannable is a good way to convey the information you want. Besides that, Google loves structured content. Google scans the web with small robots to provide you with relevant results for your searches. How does Google work? How does Google work? But these robots have limited resources and they, therefore, favor the best-structured content.

Especially for position

Referencing your website in position 0 on Google. Another example of a featured snippet, in list form this time. You see here, Google references in position 0 a page that has numbered bullets. To make your content scannable and therefore rank your website well while guaranteeing you a chance to squat the featured snippet, use bulleted lists and Hn titles to properly structure your content. Position 0 always offers concise and clear results. It’s logic. When you ask Siri or Google Home a question, you don’t wait for a 45-minute response. So, make it short. Short paragraphs, shortlists, and short tables. But beware! The subtlety here is that all of this short content must be part of complete content.

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Which deals with the topic in detail! Create an FAQ type page. It is the continuity of what we have just seen. Voice search is above all about people asking questions. Questions are asked in a spoken way, naturally. The best way to get your website referenced for voice search is therefore to create a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. How to create an effective FAQ page for its SEO? State the questions in spoken language. Be concise in your answers (no more than 50 words). Be generous, 2000/2500 words on your page. Optimize the loading speed of your website. When we perform a voice search, it is generally because we are in a hurry,

That we want to quickly get an answer to our question

We also know that the vast majority of voice searches are done on mobile devices. The key to SEO your website is speed. The faster your site is on mobile, the more likely it will be to return responses to voice searches. You can use a tool like GTmetrix or even Google analysis tools. These two tools will give you the tracks to accelerate the loading speed of your website according to the analyzed data. To go further: How to improve the loading speed of your website? Secure your website. Security is essential for Google. The SEO quality of your website depends on it. Safety should also be important to you, your prospects, and your customers.

To secure your website, you must install an SSL certificate in order to offer HTTPS browsing. To acquire an SSL certificate, you can contact your host. Until a few years ago, this certificate was not essential if you did not offer online payment or private space on your website. Now, voice search is touching your home and security is vital. 70% of the results presented in the context of a voice search are in HTTPS. And as Google penalizes more and more the sites which are not in HTTPS, naturally, one will tend towards 100%. Create (and complete) your Google My Business account. Geolocation is an important element in the context of a voice search.

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