The webinar is a great lever for generating Leads and converting them into customers. However, to Cambodia Email Address webinar, it is essential to promote it. Here, Email Marketing is an essential lever. How to promote your webinar and make it profitable with Email Marketing? Nothing beats face-to-face communication – face to face in sales and marketing. That personal touch and real-time two-way conversation make it easy to close a deal. But in a digital world where the interaction between a company and its customers is done virtually (also called communication mediated by computer) and where the human being is a little questioned, what to do? The webinar naturally emerges as a lever with great potential.

Webinars are powerful because they are interactive in nature, which means you can answer your audience’s questions and concerns as soon as they arise. In addition to training and educating your clients on your topics and teaching them practical solutions, webinars are also effective in gaining credibility by providing in-depth discussions and analysis. We can talk about virtual reality. It’s easier to convert your audience to customers by promoting your business and positioning it as the best solution to the problem you’re looking to solve. Of course, you can only do that with a valuable webinar to build trust. Using Email Marketing, you can automate your process of promoting and registering for your webinar.

4 points for organizing and promoting a webinar

This allows you to devote your time and energy to developing a rich webinar that will convert attendees. You can use the various tools in your emailing software to attract the right audience and make sure they attend your event online. Here are the best ways to maximize Email Marketing tools for a successful and converting webinar: Your subscribers will feel much more connected to you when you give your Marketing Emails a human and personal touch. This can dramatically increase your participation rate for your webinar. Using the personalization features available in your emailing software, address your recipients with their first name when you send them the registration confirmation, your email invitations, and your reminders.


It shouldn’t be limited to the subject line alone. You can customize your greeting and even the content of certain Marketing Emails to make your webinar more relevant to them. As a rule of thumb, try to limit your personalization to two or three tactics. You don’t want to scare your recipients. Automation of your Marketing Emails. Some of your webinar subscribers might forget about your event. This is normal, but you can avoid it by sending automatic email reminders a few days or even hours before your webinar. While you can send as many reminders as you want, you don’t want to deactivate your subscribers with too many emails. It is recommended to keep the frequency checked: one day before the event.

Personalization of your Marketing Emails

1 hour before, and 15 minutes before departure. Weeks or days before your webinar, send them engaging Marketing Emails to give them more reasons to be excited. For example, you can tell them about your list of guest speakers, their professional background, and more. In another Email, you can highlight the issues you want to address and the benefits of participating in your webinar. Leverage Behavioral Triggers. It’s wonderful to see how Marketing Automation allows you to set up triggers that will fire based on how your subscribers interact with your business. You can use this feature to send relevant Marketing Emails to your webinar subscribers and keep them engaged before and after your event.

For example, you can configure a trigger/trigger to automatically send a Thank You email when registering for your webinar. This is an easy way to communicate with your subscribers to confirm that the registration is successful. You can even include the details of the event in your post to make sure they are not missed. If you have subscribers who visit your promotional landing page but do not register for your webinar, you can send them a trigger email to encourage them to register. Of course, feedback is important. So, following your webinar, send another triggered survey email to your attendees asking them what they think of your event. You can use their responses to improve your future events or get ideas for your next webinar topic.

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