The modern shopper is connected. Ultra-connected. Your website must therefore be your best commercial. It must Canada Email Address List into customers. How to do it? Here are the essential steps to follow. Your website has cost you an arm and a leg, isn’t it? How much did it bring you? Not much, am I wrong? Chances are, that’s what the B2B companies I meet always answer. Let’s see how to change that. Let’s see how to make your website your best salesperson. You dream of it eh? From a website that generates qualified Leads day and night, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day?

What if I told you that our website allowed us to generate more than 300 Leads during our absence during the last summer vacation? Do you want it? Understanding who the modern buyer is in order to generate qualified leads with your B2B website is essential. The modern buyer is ultra-connected in their purchasing thinking. He is always more independent and has all the information he needs to make his decision on the Internet. Let’s keep it simple: the modern buyer no longer wants to talk to a salesperson. In any case, the modern buyer no longer accepts being solicited by a salesperson before having a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs.

Meet the 3 rd kind with the modern buyer

Suddenly, The salesperson must help, bring added value. I have feedback that will inevitably speak to you. Buying thinking starts on Google, always! Lately, I needed to buy some gear to make a video. It was my need. The problem, I didn’t know anything about it. So what did I do? Google is my friend! I spent a morning reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos to figure out what material I needed. Throughout my research, I have seen advertisements for cameras and other cameras. I did not pay attention to it because it was not my need at the moment. It was too early. Much too early. I was not mature enough to buy.


My need right now was to understand. Understand and learn for me what equipment I needed. What features? What uses? Why? I was in the “ Awareness ” phase. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Then I understood. I entered the “ Consideration ” phase. So I started to compare models of cameras, microphones. I identified my podium: 2, 3 products that I thought were the best. I have reached the “Decision” phase. My need now was to speak with a counselor. Someone who would allow me to make the right choice from my shortlist. I went to a specialized store, I asked a seller: I am looking for a camera to make the video, in marketing.

Let’s take action and the results will follow

I did not have time to clarify my request as I fell into frustration. The seller replied: You fall badly, sir, I’m more an expert in photography, not video! Seduce the modern buyer to generate leads. The salesperson tried to help me. I asked him questions to find out which models were doing 4K video or even had an external microphone jack. He misled me, got it wrong and it was ultimately me who guided the salesperson to the right model. The one I needed. Do you see what I mean? In one morning, the Internet allowed me to take power. He allowed me to know much more than the salesperson about his own products.

This is the key point to understand well to understand the importance of having a site that generates Leads and how to do it. The buyer knows more than the salesperson about his market. A salesperson who is content to highlight his offers is no longer useful. At best, this commercial is boring. At worst, and most often, it is frustrating and the buyer will look elsewhere. Whether in real life or on the Internet. If your website is all about you, you’ve got it all wrong. At best, your website is boring. At worst, and most often, it is frustrating and the buyer will look elsewhere. Yes, I’m repeating myself, but yes it’s important, the style effect here claps right? Haha!

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