Generating leads is a major stake in developing your turnover at a time when the buyer is always more connected and autonomous in his purchase thinking. Losing leads is losing money. Here is the bad Dominican Republic Email List your return on investment…! Lead generation is key to winning customers in today’s modern buyer’s age. The B2B decision-maker no longer agrees to speak to a sales representative before having fully understood his problem and identified the relevant solutions at his disposal. They are connected and wish to carry out their purchasing thinking on their own, at their own pace, thanks to the Internet. Do you want to generate as many leads as possible? Here are 10 bad practices not to follow!

Don’t work on your Personas. Personas are the foundation of an effective lead generation strategy. A Persona is a typical profile of your ideal client. It is a sheet of demographic and behavioral criteria that characterizes this ideal client. Clearly, working on your Personas allows you to understand the expectations of your target and how to meet them. To generate leads, you have to bring added value to your target audience. To bring added value to your target, you have to understand their issues and behaviors. Above all, having a strategy in your head means not having a strategy and it is the best way to lose leads. To generate qualified leads, it is essential to work on a documented strategy identifying your objectives.

Not having a strategy

And the levers to be activated – and to what extent – to achieve them. Without a strategy, you carry out actions sporadically and are unable to properly measure its performance. Generate a Max of Leads by Downloading our Free Guide. I have a strong opinion on the subject: having a B2B showcase website is useless. To generate quality leads, you need to add value to your target audience through the content of your website. Your website should not talk (only) about you, it should deal with the issues of your target market and the questions they ask themselves throughout their buying thinking. If you have a showcase website, you lose a lot of leads! Not fully understanding the buying journey.


Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. It is a continuation of the previous bad practice. To generate qualified leads, you must offer content on your website and other communication levers that respond to the issues and questions that decision-makers ask themselves throughout the purchasing journey. You naturally understand that his needs change depending on whether he is in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision phase. You must therefore understand the 3 phases of the buying journey if you do not want to miss out on quality leads. Do not optimize the SEO of your website. B2B lead generation stats. While 90% of B2B decision-makers admit never answering a sales prospecting call, 61% start their buying thinking on Google.

Have a showcase website

The referencing of your website is therefore a major stake in generating leads. If your website is not optimized for SEO, you will not appear on the first page on Google and will inevitably lose leads. Have only one contact form on your website. This is a very common mistake! To generate leads on your website, you must offer as many lead generation forms as possible. Having only one contact form cannot work. A contact form is a “Decision” form – cf. purchase journey seen previously – however, the vast majority of visitors to your website are in the Awareness or Consideration phase. It is essential here to offer other forms. That your visitors will fill out in order to grab an offer of premium.

Content like a white paper or registration for a webinar. It is the foundation of a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. Not using the right tools. I regularly chat with B2B companies who don’t know how many leads they are generating. Worse, they are often aware of missing out on certain leads. The reason? They are not using the right tools and are using too many of them. As a result, they do not have the time or the rigor to regularly connect to all the platforms and follow the leads they generate here and there. Marketing Automation software like Hubspot can be of great help here. Do not use social networks. If you don’t use social media in your lead generation strategy, you’re inevitably losing opportunities.

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