One of the main advantages of a web marketing strategy is the possibility of carrying out a complete watch in real time. Indeed, if the Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List his purchasing decision just a click away, you also have access to this information. Thus, by monitoring your market and your competitors by analyzing their websites, blogs and social networks in particular, you will obtain a whole lot of key information: you will identify good practices to optimize your web marketing strategy, anticipate the actions of your competitors and learn more about your target’s expectations and behaviors. For this, you can opt for a Marketing Automation solution that will allow you to automate all these feeding tasks.

The good times or the right frequency to publish your articles and your posts on social networks. Do you want to attract more customers with your web marketing strategy? Download our free guide now! These prospects will immediately think of you. B2B marketing automation guide. To deprive yourself of it? Do not analyze your web marketing actions. online to make their purchasing decision: information on your market, your products, your competition, your prices, online comments on your after-sales service, etc. Everything is just a click away!

In this configuration, to prospect well, you must follow another path than the single message.

Here are the 4 steps to follow to properly prospect in the age of the internet and social networks:


The first step is to identify who your buyers are


he easiest way to identify your ideal buyer is to set up Workflows (a series of automated tasks) that alert you when a visitor is on your website, downloads a white paper, or fills out a contact form. The idea here is to prospect as a priority the active buyers and a priori receptive to your messages.

Now that you’ve identified qualified prospects and know your potential buyers, explore their interests by browsing their social media profiles. With all the information collected, you will be able to personalize your first contact messages and add a context related to the targeted company. For example, you can refer to the latest news in his industry or allude to the content he has shared on his social networks.


The idea here is to personalize your initial contact but also to add value to your prospecting message. When I prospect and identify a contact that we are likely to be able to help, I usually send them a first message to suggest that they consult an article or download a free resource that deals with one of their issues.

Now that the contact is engaged, you need to validate their interest in your solutions and make sure they’re a customer you can help. Setting up a phone appointment is a good, great way to do this. You will be able to develop your knowledge of its objectives and the problems it encounters. Thus, you will have all the keys in hand to validate that your offer perfectly meets their expectations.

The goal is to understand

Beyond your contact’s interest in your business, if you are able to help them achieve their goals. This is also good prospecting.

During this last step of your commercial prospecting, you must position your solution as relevant to your prospect: tailor your product benefits according to your buyer and take advantage of all the information you have gathered in previous conversations.

As part of a traditional prospecting strategy, the salesperson is content here to make the same sales presentation to his prospects. To properly prospect in the age of the web and social networks, you must personalize this presentation as much as possible. This is also the whole point of the previous stages.

Your buyer no longer needs information, he has what he needs online. No, your buyer wants to be reassured and be convinced that he is making the right choice. They must be sure that you understand their needs and that your product meets their objectives. The relationship of trust that is created promotes a long-term commercial relationship.

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