Inbound Marketing cannot be improvised! Inbound Marketing is a science and it is necessary to follow specific steps to take full advantage of it. Do you New Caledonia Email List with Inbound Marketing? Here is the methodology to follow to successfully switch to Inbound Marketing in 120 days. New call-to-action Hardly a week goes by without us being contacted by a company that has tried to go into inbound marketing on its own without achieving results. It usually doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to figure out why: they haven’t taken things the right way! The promise of inbound marketing is a beautiful one: attracting customers to you rather than chasing them.

One could almost believe that everything is done by itself, as if by magic…! What is inbound marketing? Inbound Marketing is a 4-step strategy aimed at: Attract qualified traffic to your website! Convert that traffic into leads! Bring these leads to maturity and convert them into customers! Retain your customers to make them your best ambassadors! SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps Inbound Marketing is a strategy fully adapted to the expectations of the modern buyer who leads the majority of his buying thinking on his own. The buyer has at his disposal all the information he needs to make his decision: he no longer expects you to sell your offers.

Presented Like That

But rather that you accompany him in his purchase reflection. For that, creating content through an effective Inbound Marketing strategy is the perfect option. To move on to inbound marketing successfully, it is vital not to skip the steps. 120 days to switch to Inbound Marketing: download the guide! In the “120 Days to Inbound Marketing” guide, we walk you through the day-to-day steps to define the perfect inbound marketing strategy and put it into practice. You will see in particular: Why you absolutely have to switch to Inbound Marketing; Day 1 to 18: how to define your Inbound Marketing strategy; Day 19 to 28: how to prepare your 1st Inbound Marketing campaign;  29 to 120: how to launch your 1st successful Inbound Marketing campaign.


Generating leads is good: converting them into customers is better! Are you having trouble converting your leads into customers? Here are 7 ways we can help you convert faster and more often. 1. We ask the right questions Before we engage with a client, we make sure we’re the perfect match: we ask you all the necessary questions to determine if we can help you achieve your goals and how we can help you . When I tell you that we ask you all the questions, we ask you all of them, even the disturbing ones. Sébastien, the “Commerce” part of SLN, is an expert for this . The idea here is not to make you feel uncomfortable All businesses are different.

Beware Of Tensions

And the Marketing strategy you need to put in place to achieve your goals must be unique . In order for you to convert leads into customers, we need to understand your market, your business, your issues and your goals. We also need to know your inner workings, both marketing and sales. This step should be reassuring for you and for us . The answers to all our questions allow us to validate that we are the right partner for you and that we will be able to convert your leads into customers. It is for this reason that we generally start our collaborations with a 6-week Inbound Marketing Workshop which will allow us to define together the perfect strategy.

Listen to our Customer Case Podcast with TraceParts to learn more about: 2. We align Marketing and Sales Commercial prospecting is no longer just the business of salespeople . Marketing now plays a central role in generating leads and converting them into customers . The evolution of buyer’s behavior and expectations requires you to have this Marketing and Sales collaboration. They do the majority of their buying thinking on their own, and you should do everything you can to grab and hold their attention throughout the buying journey . To convert a lead into a customer, that lead must be qualified and mature. But what is a qualified and mature lead? Marketing and Sales must have a common vision of the ideal prospect. And have complementary objectives to move in the same direction.

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