Today it is necessary to know your target better and better in order to choose the requests with the best intentions in phase. with your project. For example, if you sell luxury jewelry, don’t go Antarctica Email List people typing it can’t afford to buy because a maneuver avoidance of your result will be repeated too much by Internet users and ultimately, this will drop you in the SERPs for non-response to the request and its main intention. Also, I think it is now essential to go “where are your suspects/prospects/clients/ambassadors” and to help them. Google is still rather used on a daily basis.

This makes it a great lever, but today there are loads of websites and platforms on which you can be present. It improves your network, your branding, your general presence and it allows you to not put everything in one basket. So, think of SEO, SEA, emailing, social networks … But also think of these sites which can really generate activity around your brand, because this has an SEO impact in the long term. In connection with the tip above, if your brand is systematically spotted and “surrounded” by Internet users, they will behave well: they know who you are! François Goube – OnCrawl: “Use several data sources and cross them to guide your SEO actions!

SEO – tips from françois goube

SEO has become a complex affair, driven by algorithms of which we do not always have the details. Use multiple data sources and cross them to guide your actions. The goal is to understand how SEO data and performance data interact. Then, eliminate the errors that correspond to a drop in SEO performance and apply the elements related to the pages that succeed to your entire site. Crawl SEO tips. Do your Landing Pages have errors that prevent them from ranking well in the search results? Do the pages that attract the most people to your site have a particular characteristic? Are the pages that you cannot appear in Google visited by Google bots?


If not, are they accessible to Google bots? 404 pages appear less often in search results. SEO is one lever among others in your marketing plan. It is therefore important to make the link between SEO and marketing when making decisions. Your marketing data helps you define: The pages that generate the most leads; The pages that require the most interactions with your chat system; The product pages with the most commercial margin; Pages that target priority departments, groups of people, or geographic areas in your business plan; The pages for which you invest in paid search; SEO and Landing Page. Once optimized, landing pages start to get more attention from Google.

Optimize your SEO by avoiding 404 errors

Your SEO actions are then broken down according to the pages to promote. Since you already know your marketing priorities, it is easier to understand the urgency of SEO issues, depending on the marketing issues that are impacted. And it’s simple to justify prioritizing an improvement that promises to double the effectiveness of your most ROIs key pages. SEO – Olivier Duffez’s tips. Olivier Duffez – WebRankInfo: “To judge the quality of your site, Google uses all the pages you ask it to index! Ah! We often look for tips that others have not yet (too) exploited. Here are some that are little used from what I can see from the thousands of SEO audits done on my My Ranking Metrics platform.

The 1st is to check if you have orphan pages. These are pages that are searchable (if we know their URL) but which cannot be found on the site (by clicking on links). Kind of like an unlisted video on Youtube. To find them, you need a crawler and a comprehensive sitemap. Do a crawl of your site (by following the links) and list all the URLs found. Compare with the list located in the sitemap. The pages in the sitemap but not in your crawl are orphans. For each: If it is an important page (for example a product sheet ), it is serious! In this case, understand why it is unrelated and correct the problem.

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