Pinterest is recognized for its relevance and particularly high engagement rate. However, few companies integrate it Portugal WhatsApp Number List strategy. For a simple reason: it is not easy for a layman to understand the uses of Pinterest and therefore to define the potential benefits. Pinterest can therefore prove to be a relevant competitive lever for those who want to take the trouble to take a closer look… So how does it work? How to do ?

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is gradually pulling out of the game. Without a bad pun! It has indeed integrate the Top 10 most popular social networks in the US and is currently the 39 th most visited site in the world!

Very little used by companies in their Social Media communication strategy, Pinterest can be a way to differentiate themselves from the competition and to be original in order to attract the attention of consumers. However, it is important to understand its uses in order to use it effectively and optimize its ROI (return on investment).

Pinterest is a visual social network. Like Twitter to its tweets , Pïnterest has its pins. In French, we talk about pins. The concept is simple: you pin an image found on the web with a comment and you organize your pins in different boards.

Let’s take a simple example: you love fashion, cooking and sports. You will then add 3 tables relating to these 3 interests to your Pinterest profile in which you will pin photos of parades, recipes and your favorite sports team .

What Is Pinterest?

It is actually very easy to understand the interest of Pinterest for businesses: you are a brand specializing in decoration products. The idea is to encourage users to share your products on the network, your staging and visuals in order to go viral, to acquire traffic on your website to convert it. In other words, sell!

Pinterest is 70 million users including more than 16 million daily users! The great feature of Pinterest is that 80% of users are women. It is important to take this statistic into consideration when developing your strategy.

How to integrate Pinterest into your Social Media communication strategy.Pinterest is a social network like any other. In other words , it is important to define a precise strategy before taking action.


Already, does Pinterest correspond to your objectives, your image and your target? For example, as we saw above, Pinterest is 80% made up of women. If you are a menswear brand, maybe you can forget about it. (Not necessarily, it is necessary to push the study. It is sometimes the women who dress their man for example…).

Once you have taken stock of your objectives, why you want to invest in Pinterest, and the expectations of your target, you will be able to define a precise action plan and performance indicators to follow (the famous KPIs) to ensure the relevance of your actions.

In addition, Pinterest must take place in your Social Media ecosystem. For a communication strategy on social media to be effective, they must be complementary. Put a Pinterest logo on your blog, highlight your pins on Twitter or Facebook. Conversely, promote your social media through your pins on Pinterest. Here are some ideas for integrating Pinterest into your communication strategy:

Example Pins And Pinterest Boards

Promoting your products: it’s obvious, Pinterest is used above all to highlight your products. Tables are often akin to wishlists. But beware ! A good communication strategy is 80% disinterested content and only 20% advertising content!
Call-to-Action pins: a call-to-action is a button that prompts people to take action. Your Pins should make you want to click to visit your website or better, buy!
Original content: don’t just share images you find on the web or photos of your products. You must create original content, exclusive to Pinterest, to make people want to follow you and your Twitter or Facebook community to join you on this network. For that, go to the next point!
How to write the perfect pin
80% of Pins are actually shares of existing Pins. In other words, virality is exceptional on Pinterest. It is therefore important to write your pin well to optimize the benefits

How to do Pinterest. We find in this infographic edited by My Clever Agency the different criteria to take into account in writing the perfect pin on Pinterest:

No human face: a face is dangerous because it is selective. Indeed, we do not identify with just anyone. It is for this reason that you will never see a human face on the AirBnB site. On Pinterest, it’s the same. Pins without a face are shared 23% more often.
A multicolored pin: Pins with multiple dominant colors are shared 3 times more. Red and orange are twice as effective.
Brightness: an image with 50% saturation is 4 times more shared. A reduced background: the background should cover less than 40% of the surface of your image.

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