It only took 19 days for Meerkat to establish itself as the social network of the moment. But what exactly is Meerkat? Will Mexico WhatsApp Number List type success or a real Snapchat-like revolution? How can a brand integrate Meerkat into its Social Media communication?

Meerkat is the application with the suricate logo. The color code is strangely reminiscent of Snapchat: white form on a yellow background. Coincidence? I do not think so ! To use Meerkat, nothing could be simpler. All you need to do is log in with your Twitter account. Ok, but what for?

Concretely Meerkat allows you to film and share in real time what is happening with your community while allowing them to comment on the scene. After the live, it is impossible to see what was filmed again. It is of course too early to say but the potential of the application could well suggest.

For the moment, the hundreds of thousands of users are content to post insignificant videos of their lives and it is a safe bet that the social network will soon be invaded, like its competitors, by pornographic images.

However, some do not hesitate to assert that like Facebook in 2008 and Twitter in 2012, Meerkat will revolutionize the 2016 presidential elections in the United States. Meerkat will revolutionize the 2016 elections in the USA

And for good reason: where it was difficult to find uses for brands on platforms such as Vine or Snapchat, the potential for brands seems obvious here.

How to integrate Meerkat into your Social Media communication
Content is the key to a successful communication strategy. In 2015, with the ever more important development of mobile and very high speed broadband, video is essential content.

Meerkat What Is It?

Unfortunately, not all brands can afford the services of a specialized communications agency or invest in the necessary equipment. In addition, they do not always have the internal skills to make optimal use of this leverage.

With Meerkat, everything becomes immediately simpler since you only need a smartphone and a Twitter account! Here are some ideas for integrating Meerkat into your Social Media communication strategy:

Meerkat to broadcast your conferences live. Are you attending a conference on a topic dear to your customers and prospects? They don’t have the chance to be there like you, they will certainly be very grateful to you for sharing it with them live!


Better yet, are you organizing a conference on your premises but have only been able to invite a small number of your customers for logistical reasons? With Meerkat, you allow all your customers and prospects to benefit from the event.

Meerkat for what? Meerkat, an alternative to the webinar. The webinar, the famous online conference, is on the rise. It is also one of the main levers to be used in an Inbound Marketing strategy. However, it is necessary to invest in an online service and a minimum of hardware.

Guy Kawasaki, a great social media specialist, in his book The Art of Social Media, admits that it is necessary to plan an investment of around 800 euros minimum. Between the webcam and the microphone or even the online conferencing software, the bill goes up quickly!

With Meerkat, you have the ability to schedule your video and can therefore use it as an alternative to the webinar. You will not need anything other than your smartphone …

A live webinar on Meerkat Meerkat for a Product demonstration. Some products are complex and therefore require a demonstration from the supplier. You therefore have the possibility with Meerkat to present your product and its use in real time at a lower cost.

Does Meerkat Have A Future?

Meerkat can also be used to promote a product launch. Indeed, you can offer a few influencers to try your new product exclusively before the release date and to broadcast their test live.This will allow you to arouse envy and impatience in your target.

The obstacles to the development of Meerkat
All is not rosy for the social network. As with any new entrant in a market, Meerkat is already facing retaliation from its competitors.

Twitter seems to take a dim view of Meerkat’s arrival. Indeed, the use of Meerkat is linked to Twitter but the blue bird considers the meerkat as a profiteer who only uses him to steal traffic.

Additionally, Twitter recently acquired Periscope in order to develop its own streaming video service. Meerkat would therefore be a brake on this option.

With Meerkat there are also questions of image rights and the protection of privacy. Can you imagine being filmed in an embarrassing situation and posted live on social media? Not great!

Finally, as often in the case of digital innovation, Meerkat will have to deal with issues related to copyright. With Meerkat, you can easily broadcast a football match live from the stands. It is very likely that the television channels investing millions of euros to obtain the exclusive retransmission of certain matches are not very favorable to it … And you, what do you think of Meerkat?

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