The ‘Inbound Marketing is as complex and effective. It is not easy to understand all its facets and certain Peru WhatsApp Number List neglected. This is the case with comments. Yet, properly used, comments ensure a significant volume of traffic and can directly participate in sales developments.

Comments are not given their due value. When we talk about Inbound Marketing, we are talking about articles, infographics, white papers or newsletters. On the other hand, we very rarely (never?) Discuss comments.

Yet many have understood (vaguely!) The benefits. They quickly select sites and articles dealing with topics that concern them then comment in more or less relevant ways with the main objective of posting a link hoping to get some visitors.

They also heard that the more links they had pointing to their website, the better they would rank on search engines. They therefore hope that the links they post in comments will improve their positioning and bring them a few more visits.

Comments are actually much more powerful and can play a major role in an Inbound Marketing strategy. On the other hand, to derive all the benefits from them, it is essential to consider them as a growth lever in their own right and thus to define a precise and adapted commenting strategy.

Let’s be clear, comments are not the most viewed content on a web page. However, the people who view them are very important to your website, blog, and business. Who are they ?

The blogger: it’s his blog so he automatically consults the comments. He has a certain influence in your field of activity. Commentators: they frequently comment on the articles they read and therefore consult this section as well.

Why Integrate Comments Into Your Content Marketing?

Consumers: They read comments to learn a little more about the product, service or topic being discussed. They are looking for additional information.
Your comments are therefore very little read in the end, but they are read by the right people. If your comment is relevant, that it brings added value to the commented content, you will convince some of the readers to visit you and benefit from highly qualified traffic.

Comments, for better referencing
Links are important for SEO. We need internal links but also external ones. These links determine the level of popularity of a website. Along with content and structure, this is one of the 3 pillars of Google’s algorithm.

By commenting regularly, you therefore participate in the development of your SEO strategy and therefore in the optimization of your positioning in search engines.


Comments, to develop a relationship with influencers. As the name suggests, an influencer is someone who has influence in a field of activity. This is the case with bloggers. By regularly commenting on a blogger’s articles, you will make them want to know more about you and your business.

He will visit you, then comment on your posts in turn, or even share them. Over the course of the discussions, you will establish a relationship between you and this influencer. This will clearly benefit your business, as well as his!

Don’t forget to also comment on your website!
Commenting on websites and blogs is interesting. Commenting on yours is just as important! Of course, there is no point in conversing on your own, but you must respond to comments posted on your website. Here are the advantages:

Comments, To Acquire Qualified Traffic

Comments, again for better referencing. Comments are text and keywords. The more comments you have, the more text and keywords your page has.

The comments are then as many additional chances to improve your positioning on the so-called long tail keywords (greater than 3 words). Who says better positioning means more visibility. And who says more visibility means more traffic!

Comments, to retain the reader.
90/9/1, does that mean anything to you? This is a rule well known to marketers. Concretely, she claims that 90% of Internet users only consult content when 9% react, share and comment. The remaining 1% produce content themselves.

This rule therefore very clearly underlines the importance to be given to the people who comment on your articles. They are rare, so it is important to pamper them. Providing them with an answer is therefore essential.

Feedback is a bit like after-sales service for content. When you buy something, you look at the after-sales service. If it is good, you will recommend the sign and come back. If it’s bad, it’s a safe bet you’ll look elsewhere.

It’s the same for the Internet user. If he takes the trouble to comment on one of your articles, he is entitled to expect a response. Especially if he asks a question.

Responding to Internet user comments is to establish a special relationship between you and the reader. However, the reader must be at the center of your content strategy. By giving him a constructed answer, you prove it to him.

Comments, to develop your sales
You establish a special relationship, you demonstrate your expertise and the importance you attach to the customer. You therefore considerably improve your chances of being chosen when making a purchase decision.

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