Creating an effective Emailing is about creating an Emailing that is read. In other words, gaining Jordan Email Address first and foremost improve the open rate. How to improve the open rate of your Emailing campaigns? Here are 5 concrete tips to put in place right now. The sender field of your Emailing is a crucial field since it is by reading it that your recipients will decide whether or not to open your Emailing. Too many companies make the mistake of filling in the sender field of their Emailings with the company name. This sends an “Advertising” signal directly to your recipients who directly place your Emailings in their trash.

In the age of the Internet and Social Networks, the buyer expects you to offer them a personalized experience and a close relationship. He must feel that he is interacting with a real person if you want to improve the open rate of your Emails. To create an effective Emailing, remember to fill in your sender field with your first name, your first name + last name. Another practice is to put your first name + the name of your company. Do you want to improve the performance of your email campaigns? Take advantage of our Expertise during a 60-minute Online Coaching: New call-to-action. Write a mysterious and inciting Email subject line. I have a very strong opinion here to create an effective Emailing.

Optimize the Sender field of your Emailing

I think it’s important to be smart about writing an email subject line that will entice your contacts to open it. Concretely, I think you have to pretend a traditional e-mail to improve your open rate. What do you do when you receive an email with a title like “Discover our promotions …” or “Our solutions for your turnover” etc …? You put it in the trash. I, therefore, prefer to use evasive titles that suggest a “normal” exchange. So, when I send an Emailing to someone who has downloaded one of our white papers, I like to send them an Emailing with the subject line “Further to your problem”. Fill in the Pre-Header of your Emailing pre-header – successful emailing.


The Pre-Header is the overview of your Emailing. If you do not fill it in, your recipient will find in the overview of your Emailing the famous mention “If you are unable to view this E-mail correctly …” or equivalent. I strongly recommend that you fill it in with a line of text presenting the added value of your Emailing. This trick alone allows you to greatly improve the open rate of your Emails. Avoid integrating too many images in your email. Even if an image is worth more than 1000 words and the visual is important to create an effective emailing, it is essential not to include too many. For email providers, the more images an email contains, the more it is considered to be SPAM.

And some will not agree with that

To improve the open rate of your Emailings, it is essential to respect at least the 80% text and 20% image ratio. I still receive Emailings from so-called Digital Marketing agencies in which there is an image without text. Fortunately, my professional distortion prompts me to regularly check my SPAMS! Only send your Emailings to Opt-In contacts. 71% of companies use Email to generate leads. A vast majority of these businesses buy contact databases or grab right and left email addresses to bombard all commercial emailing. Needless to say, the open rate of their Emailing is disastrous. To improve the open rate of your Emailings, you must send them to people who have given you their consent to receive your Emailings.

On which social networks are they most often, and especially what types of information and content they seek on these social networks. To understand the concept and define your Marketing Personas, here is how to define your Personas in 6 steps. Attracting more visitors to your website with social networks also requires planning the content that will be posted. The bad idea would be to publish according to your desires of the day without having worked on an editorial line. You must therefore plan precisely all the subjects that you are going to cover on your various social networks. Then, and by analyzing the engagement of your audience, you will be able to favor the most suitable content format.

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