“Social networks, I tried and it doesn’t work! »How many times have I heard this sentence from companies Belgium WhatsApp Number List from their actions on social networks…! What if the problem was not with social networks but with your communication?

The problem with social media is that a lot of businesses don’t take it seriously. Finally, the problem is not even unique to social networks but to communication in general. Many believe that it is enough to invest a few hundred euros to convince customers to get their hands on the wallet.

You are screwing up dear friends!

To take full advantage of the levers of communication, it is essential to put in place a comprehensive strategy, to show consistency and to analyze all of its actions. This is even more true for communication on social networks!

Not a week goes by without a client asking me to make a buzz on social networks, by publishing a great promo of its flagship product… Companies, head in the handlebars and passionate about their jobs, think that the daily life of their business is exciting.

You guys get drunk! Do not be surprised if your Facebook page does not exceed 12 likes from your collaborators… Moreover, very often, the majority of your collaborators do not even follow you on social networks.

So, in order to open your eyes and allow you to communicate well on social networks, here is everything you do that gets your customers drunk!

To convince you that your communication is more boring than an episode of Derrick or an issue of Thalassa, what better than a study carried out by SproutSocial , one of the major social network management tools on the market.

Why Do You Get Your Customers Drunk On Social Media?

You publish too many ads!
And there, no surprise! I am sure you will find yourself in this study and quickly realize that yes, your communication is RELOU! Do not be in bad faith: admit that your communication on social networks today boils down to a series of promotional posts of all kinds?

57.5% of Internet users say they are annoyed by companies that publish too many promotional messages on social networks.
You communicate in your lingo!
What could be more frustrating than a company that communicates in words that only it understands? I know what it is, in marketing and communication, pompous words are not missing! And yes, that drunk!


You have your head in the handlebars, you live your job fully and that’s great! On the other hand, your customers, they know nothing about it and very often, it does not interest them more than that. So avoid using your jargon on social networks at the risk of frustrating them.

38.4% of Internet users say they do not support companies that use too much jargon on social networks.
You don’t have a personality!
If you are an avid reader of this blog, you regularly read tutorials and best practices for communicating well on social networks. However, I often warn you by telling you that it is important to adapt these methods to your field of activity, your strengths, your objectives and your targets.

All too often, companies are content to put into practice the marketing theories they read on the internet. “I read that you have to write an article per week, send an e-mailing every Tuesday morning and write 100 character tweets so I do it! »- The process is full of good attentions but you must take care to analyze your actions to see if it is relevant for your target.

Why Your Communication On Social Networks Is Not Working

Then, you must not copy / paste what is being done elsewhere if not that it is the interest to follow you! By communicating in this way, it is certain: you get your customers drunk on social networks!

34.7% of Internet users are disappointed by brands that do not have a personality on social networks.
You want to be funny … But you are not!
It’s a discussion that I often have with my clients. As I told you at the beginning of the article, they want me to make them a buzz on social networks… When I tell them that unfortunately communication on social networks is not so simple, they answer me that with a video chat or a good schoolboy joke, voila. Fortunately, I manage to convince them to proceed otherwise.

Companies often fall for the trap of wanting to play the humor card when it does not correspond to their values ​​and their target. This is what gives rise to many Bad Buzzes such as Renault, which launches an advertising campaign focused on jokes of women at the wheel …
32.3% of Internet users are annoyed by brands that try to be funny, to no avail.
You are not responding to your community
What could be more frustrating than not getting a response to a solicitation? Nothing ! So yes, you get your customers drunk when you don’t respond to their comments, questions and private messages. Very often, this is because you only log in once every 3 months to your accounts and therefore a response is no longer necessary. In addition to proving your lack of consistency and therefore explaining your failure on social networks, this greatly contributes to frustrating your customers and convincing them to look elsewhere! 24.7% of Internet users are frustrated by the lack of response from brands on social networks

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