The first two points are easy to understand, so I won’t dwell on them. For the third point, I think an explanation is in order! To St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List to understand the buyer’s journey to offer them the content they need according to their situation in this journey. You will see, it is very simple. The 4Ps of content marketing – SLN Web As you can see in the illustration above, the buyer’s journey has 3 key stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. First, the buyer realizes that he is encountering a problem and seeks to validate whether he must solve it or if he can deal with it. This is the Awareness phase.

Then, the buyer is convinced of the importance of solving this problem and looks for all the solutions available to him in order to compare them. This is the Consideration phase. Finally, the buyer chooses the solution that he considers the best and now seeks to definitively validate his choice. This is the Decision phase. You understand here that it is not relevant to offer the same content to your target without taking into account their progress in the purchasing journey, a buyer in the Awareness phase not having the same needs as a buyer in the phase Decision. In addition, these phases are all the more important since, as a B2B company,

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You must attract and seduce a buyer who does not initially consider opting for your solution since he does not know it. The Awareness phase and the transition to the Consideration phase are therefore crucial for your B2B business. Failure to take this buying journey into account is the main reason B2B companies fail with their inbound marketing strategy. P for Production Now that you have defined what content to create and how to create it, you can move on to the production phase. Writing is probably what will make you the most time in implementing your Inbound Marketing strategy. Here, you must create content that is optimized for the web so that it is well referenced in the search engines and therefore seen by your prospects.


You can write the best blog post in the world, if it isn’t SEO optimized nobody will see it and it will be of no use to you. To successfully complete this step, I suggest you read a case study that I conducted on this blog aimed at presenting you in a practical way the method for creating web content. P for Promotion Creating quality content that responds to the problems of your prospects is very good. But to put the odds on your side and attract as many qualified visitors as possible to your website with B2B Inbound Marketing, you need to promote your content. To promote your content on the Internet, social networks are the best levers to operate.

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I give you an appointment in the Social Networks section a few lines below to find out. How to communicate well on social networks in an Inbound Marketing approach in B2B. P for Performances Very often. I meet marketing directors who have put in place a relevant Inbound Marketing strategy but make a very common mistake: they do not analyze the performance of their actions. Inbound Marketing has a huge advantage over traditional B2B marketing: it offers the possibility of verifying in real time the relevance of the actions you take. With tools like Google Analytics, you can see in real-time who is visiting your website, what pages have been viewed.

And a plethora of other statistics relating to user behavior on your website. The success of your B2B Inbound. Marketing strategy lies in your ability to identify the most relevant statistics and quickly draw conclusions. That will allow you to optimize your actions. To be successful with your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy. You must constantly question your actions to see what you can improve and thus optimize your ROI. To do this successfully, it is important that you have respect. The Prerequisite for your objectives is seen in the preamble. In order to define the performance indicators (KPI) to follow! To conclude this part on Content Marketing. It is important here to understand that to succeed in your Inbound Marketing strategy.

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