It’s the best way to engage your customers on social media and get them to like, share, or comment on your posts. At the start, also do some tests. Test your Chile Phone Numbers List surveys or contests that require as little effort as possible. This will be the best way to see where you are starting from and the efforts you will need to put in to reach your customer retention goals. To go further: what content to create for your business? How to communicate well on social networks to retain loyalty. Showcase your best ambassadors. If you have completed the first 3 steps, you will inevitably have converted some of your customers into ambassadors on social networks.

There is a rule that says that 90% of Internet users consult content on social networks without taking action, that 9% like or share and only 1% comment. So if you manage to convince 10% of your customers to promote yourself on social networks, you will have done a good job! Now, don’t stop there: pamper your best ambassadors and show them all your gratitude by thanking them for their investment or by rewarding them. Which naturally brings us to the next step. Reward your loyal customers. This is not about just giving freebies or promotions every now and then. You need to define a relevant reward strategy that values ​​the ego of your customers and convinces them.

How To Effectively Get In Touch With Your Prospects?

That they are an integral part of your project. As you know, to retain a customer, you must regularly demonstrate that he is important to you and that he is unique. To do this, you can, for example, offer them access to exclusive content or even invite them to private events. To retain your customers on social networks and encourage them to participate, you can also set up a reward program awarding points according to the different types of engagement: in short, the more your customer shares, likes or comments on your content and more. he is rewarded. Reshare your best content. With the Internet, you can identify the most popular content with just one click: what are the most read articles on your website?


What are the most downloaded documents? The most shared content? So don’t hesitate to regularly share the most successful content on your social networks. The goal is simply to welcome your new fans/subscribers on social media in the best possible way and to convince them in the same way that you convinced the previous ones. Show yourself as you are! Another important point for communicating well on social networks and retaining your customers is proximity. We have seen it before and it is only common sense, but the key to success on social networks is to establish a lasting relationship with your community. Do you want to know everything about communicating well on social networks? Download your free White Paper:

How Can You Convert Your Prospects Into Customers?

That you are not at the risk of exposing yourself to a bad buzz that could be fatal! Here are some of the indicators to watch out for: To go further: How to measure the ROI of your content strategy? Don’t rush into the numbers in the first few weeks, and don’t make a hasty decision. Keep in mind that the perfect website, the one that helps you prospect. To properly prospect in the age of the Internet and social networks. In this free guide, we take you step by step through a 4-step method to follow to properly prospect and meet the new expectations of your prospects. The goal here is to take a proactive approach and position yourself as invaluable help.

So use social networks to show your customers behind the scenes: your premises, your teams or even your manufacturing processes. The idea here is to strengthen the engagement of your customers by putting people ahead of technology. Your prospect is looking for in their purchase thinking. The challenges you will face while reading this free guide will be as follows: How to prospect well: 4 steps to modernize your sales prospecting strategy – Download the guide now! Like the majority of companies, you have realized the importance of being present on the internet and social networks to attract new customers. Your customers have in fact acquired the annoying habit of researching information online themselves and of leading their purchasing decisions on their own.

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