LinkedIn has more than 330 million active users around the world. It is a relevant tool to use for his professional Netherlands WhatsApp Number List activity. You still have to know how to use it optimally.Want to get started on LinkedIn but don’t know how? This white paper is for you.

After a quick analysis of the social network, you will find a guide to registering on LinkedIn step by step and mastering the basic functions.

Then, you will discover tips for creating your profile optimally in order to achieve your goals: develop your professional network, find a new job or even generate sales leads.

Summary :
Part I: Discovering LinkedIn
Why get started on LinkedIn: who are the users, what are the uses? ;
How to register on LinkedIn: the step by step method and an analysis of the different premium accounts;
Part II: Create an Optimal LinkedIn Profile
How to complete your LinkedIn profile;
The basic functions: add a contact, search, send a private message;
Advanced functions: join and create a group, create a company page;
Part III: Bonuses!
LinkedIn in a business prospecting process: how to generate more leads? ;
LinkedIn, 5 practices to absolutely ban;

Content marketing is on the rise. The Internet has revolutionized commerce, made competition and consumer behavior more complex. Before making a decision, he pulls out his computer, tablet and smartphone to find all the information allowing him to make the optimal choice. In this situation, it is vital to have a relevant content marketing strategy in place.

Entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of this: content is the key to a successful communication strategy. Content marketing not only attracts new visitors but also turns them into leads before converting them into customers. Nice no?

User Guide And Best Practices

Be careful, it is not enough to create an article and post it on social networks to develop your turnover…! If you want to achieve meaningful results, creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy is a must.

The foundations of successful content marketing
Before embarking on the development of a content marketing strategy, it is necessary to determine the foundations, the essential information.

The objectives of your content marketing
Why do you want to get into content marketing? What do you expect from it? These questions are simple, but the answers can be complex. Indeed, creating content simply because the competition creates it is not a sufficient answer.

How to produce quality content if you don’t know your target audience and their needs? We are talking about Buyer Persona.



You must define here very precisely the different profiles of your customers. We fall a bit into the stereotype but these robot portraits will allow you to clearly define the expectations and needs of your target in terms of content.Here are some criteria to define for the development of your personas:

Its function and the structure in which it works, the role it plays in it;
His age, location, marital status, family;
The way he gets informed, the type of information he seeks and the media he uses;
His needs and his motivations, his objections; How to determine your persona. Content Marketing – Source Buffer. The list is of course not exhaustive and you will have to add criteria specific to your activity.

If you are starting a new activity, this step is of course essential. If, on the other hand, you think you know your target inside out, do not neglect it, an update may be necessary!

How To Create Your Content Marketing Strategy On Linkedin

What content for your content marketing? Now that you have defined your goals and targets very precisely, you need to determine the type of content you will create. For this, I suggest you rely on the periodic table of content marketing below:

The periodic table of content marketing. This periodic table based on Mendeleev’s periodic table (isn’t it scientists?), Presents all the elements of content marketing. In particular, it will allow you to determine the format of your content and the types of content that can be envisaged. For more information, I refer you to the user manual !

An editorial calendar for perfect timing
The key to success in content marketing is consistency and timing. For best results, you should develop an editorial calendar, if possible for a full year. Of course, this schedule will be subject to change depending on results, priorities and events.

Your editorial calendar will depend on your target audience and the nature of your products / services. In B to C (your client is an individual), you can use events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or even Mother’s Day. In B to B (your client is a professional), you will often have to show more imagination …

Concretely, it is a question here of planning content to be broadcast every month, every day, depending on the events.

The key point of your editorial strategy will be the frequency of publication. This should be determined according to your expectations but above all your human and financial resources!

In conclusion,
Content marketing has a tremendous force. However, it isn’t enough to throw an article on the web to get results. Content marketing is indeed an investment in the medium / long term. For an optimal return on investment, you will have to build a complete strategy and update it regularly according to the balance sheets and various analyzes of your actions.

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