Developing a Social Media strategy and an engaged community is a long-term job. On the other hand, as with a Ghana WhatsApp Number List everything. So, after months or even years of social media presence, you want to indulge in Social Media suicide? Follow the method in 10 days and lose all your followers!

I send automatic Direct Messages to all my subscribers.
Social media is above all about exchanges and sharing. What could be more anti-social than an Automatic Private Message (DM)? How many DM do you receive each day? A DM asking you to follow another account, visit a website or join the author on Facebook? Impersonal messages which ultimately confine you to one account among many others…. DMs are unbearable, overdo it and you will see your subscriber list melt like snow in the sun! I’m only talking about myself, it’s my account!

“It’s my account, you are my subscribers, you follow my news! You want some ? I’ll tell you about my life! »Share everything you do during the day. As soon as you wake up, post a photo of your breakfast, your horoscope. Do not hesitate to inform your community of the end of your working day and the result of your match at Fifa 14! Do you want to lose your followers or not ?!

I Flood, Flood, Flood

The capitalized case converter will automatically convert the starting letter of every word into an upper case and will leave the remaining letters as lower case ones.

Simply copy the content that you will like to generate into this format, then paste into the box form above and select the Capitalized Case tab.

I do not respond to my subscribers, I do not know them …
Not only do you only talk about yourself, but when someone miraculously takes an interest in what you are saying, you ignore them! Social media has fostered discussion and instant discussion! What bullshit !

… Or I answer them 3 months later!
I’m so egotistical that I only log in to post something. I don’t even pay attention to my interactions after all. Sometimes I take a look at it. I realize that a brave subscriber asked me a relatively relevant question. The date, I don’t care, I answer him. Certainly, he spent sleepless nights waiting for an answer to his question!

For Social Media Suicide

I automate all my publications.
Talking about me is good, but it is tiring. I found a great solution. I use Buffer, Hootsuite, and other IFTTT to automate all of my posts. My life tells itself, on all platforms! Not content with reading my info in tweets, my subscribers can reread them in Facebook and Google + posts. Well yes, I publish the same thing everywhere!

I repeat what others say
Apart from myself, I don’t have too much inspiration. So sometimes, to avoid an overdose (Too late ?! But no…), I post the content that makes the buzz and that we have already read 10,000 times before. If everyone is talking about it, it’s because it’s relevant! Sometimes, I even appropriate the content of others and everyone cries out genius!

My subscribers are waiting for my posts. So I have to satisfy their desire and send tweets every 30 seconds. They must not forget me, it is important that, as soon as they connect to a social network, I appear in their timeline in the first 3 positions. Isn’t that SEO ? !!

There you have it, if you want to gun down your Social Media presence, you have all the tools in hand. By following this method, you are guaranteed to lose all of your subscribers within 10 days. Finally, you will not lose them all, there will be those who have not connected since 2009! You want to finally work on your brand image…? This e-book is made for you:

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