To go further, I recommend that you consult our 4-step methodology to effectively create your Personas. To generate Vanuatu Email List a lead a qualified lead. The mistake not to make here is to work your Personas on your own. The work of Personas concerns both Marketing and Sales. It is for the sales department that you generate leads. The sales department has a very clear idea of ​​what distinguishes a good lead from a bad one. It is, therefore, crucial to integrate it into the reflection. To Generate Qualified Leads, Understand the Buying Path. To generate qualified leads on the Internet, it is essential to understand your target’s buying journey.

Why? If you want to generate leads on the Internet, you need to grab the attention of your target audience by offering high added-value content. High value-added content is content that deals with the issues your Personas encounter and that answers the questions they ask themselves throughout this purchasing journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. By analyzing this illustration of the purchasing journey, you naturally understand that the expectations and questions of your target vary depending on whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration or Decision phase. To generate leads, you need to determine the expectations. And questions your target are asking themselves in each step of the buying journey.

Create High Value-Added Content

How they are educated on these topics? To Generate Qualified Leads, Identify the Right Keywords. To generate qualified leads, you must already attract visitors to your website. We have just seen that for this, you must offer content that brings value to your target. But that’s not enough: your content needs to be visible in search engines. We have seen in the preamble that 61% of B2B decision-makers started their buying thinking on a search engine. If you want to grab their attention at this stage and generate leads, you absolutely need to optimize your content with the keywords they use. Want to Generate More Qualified Leads? Switch to Inbound Marketing by Downloading our Free Guide!


To Generate Qualified Leads, Define Your Content Strategy, and Write. Creating content to generate qualified leads cannot be improvised. I regularly meet companies that have generally understood how to generate leads on the Internet but which clearly lack the consistency and organization to do so successfully. You need to write content regularly and cover the entire buying journey to generate as many qualified leads as possible. It is also a sine qua non for converting your leads into customers. To create content effectively, it is essential to work on a documented strategy including your editorial line – the themes you will cover and the format. A publication schedule. The keyword here is documented strategy.

Our method in 4 steps

All studies agree that companies with a documented strategy generate more qualified leads than companies without a strategy. From then on, you can take your best pen and start writing. To Generate Qualified Leads, Submit Content for Download. If you follow the first 4 lessons to the letter, you will undoubtedly succeed in attracting visitors to your website. Having visitors is good, but if they leave as quickly as they came, it will be of no interest to your turnover. To generate leads, you must encourage the most qualified visitors to leave you their contact details and tell you a little more about their problem as well as their context. This is where the going gets tough.

Your customers are not fooled. To convert your visitors into leads, you need to convince them to take action by offering them an attractive reward. In this process, you must suggest that the readers of your content go further in their thinking by uploading a document that is more complete or deals with a related subject. New call-to-action. To do this, in addition to writing the premium content offer, you must integrate a Call-to-Action into yours. A Call-to-Action is a call-to-action button like the one above which is visible, which reflects the added value of the offer and which encourages the visitor to go further. Without Call-to-Action, you cannot generate leads on your website.

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