At a time when the competition is always more important and complex, it is important to activate new levers and to New Zealand WhatsApp Number List competition. The professional social networks Viadeo and LinkedIn, still too little used by companies, are very relevant. Thus, fully integrated into a commercial strategy, Viadeo and LinkedIn make it possible to generate more leads.
The primary purpose of the professional social networks LinkedIn and Viadeo is to develop one’s professional network within the framework of professional career management and job search.
However, the potential of these social networks is much greater. They are full of information on the workforce of companies. In just a few clicks, you can find all the information on the CEO of a company and his employees.
With LinkedIn and Viadeo, you can therefore obtain valuable information about your competitors and potential customers. These professional social networks therefore clearly have their place in your business strategy.
To use Viadeo and LinkedIn successfully, both commercially and professionally, you must first and foremost optimize your profile according to your objective and target.
Our goal here is to attract prospects and generate more leads. Our profile must therefore be optimized for research and customer-oriented.
This first and foremost involves the insertion of keywords. These keywords are the words used by your target to carry out research around your skills or your commercial offer. It is not a question here of showing imagination but of being strategic.
Prospect on social networks
Select 3 strong keywords that you will intelligently distribute in the sections of your profile: title, description, professional experiences and skills. The use of keywords will allow you to attract visitors but will not be enough to generate leads. You must also work your description optimally.

Optimize Your Profile

Presentation of your profile: who are you? What are you doing ? Why are you doing it? Who are your typical customers. What are they looking for? What are their issues? What solutions do you provide them? Do not forget to end your description with a call-to-action (a call to action), in order to guide the visitor and achieve your goal (generate a call, an email, a contact request…).

Prospect on Viadeo and Linkedin
Join discussion groups
Focus groups are the starting point for developing your network. On LinkedIn, you can join up to 50 groups. However, let’s not go to extremes!

The most common mistake made by professional social media users is to join all possible and imaginable groups concerning their direct field of activity.


It is indeed interesting to join key groups around your theme to keep you informed of trends and developments. On the other hand, you must above all privilege the groups where your customers and prospects are: remember your objective!

Search for prospects with the “Advanced Search” option
On professional social networks, the “Advanced Search” option allows you to easily find new prospects based on criteria such as keywords, location, activity or even groups and relationships.

Generate lead on linkedin
If your search is relevant, don’t forget to save the criteria to reuse it later.

Prepare a discussion plan
Acquiring new contacts on Viadeo or LinkedIn is good. But that is not enough. You need to build a real relationship with your contacts.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that personalization of messages is essential. What could be more annoying than receiving a vulgar copy and paste?

How To Generate More Leads With Viadeo And Linkedin?

Take care to include the first or last name of your interlocutor in your message. Use details about their activity or profile to show them how much you care about them.

how to find new customers on Viadeo and LinkedIn
To be effective, you must prepare a discussion plan, a sequence of messages to send to your contacts to transform the essay.

Here is an example sequence:

1 – Welcome / thank you message: do you have a new contact? Thank him!

2 – Needs discovery message: a few days after your connection, check in with your new contact and suggest your help.

3 – Introductory message: after his response or a few days after sending the previous message, come back to your contact to present your activity and your offers.

Depending on the answers and the interest shown by your contact, you can suggest an appointment or a telephone exchange. To convert your prospect, you will need to take the IRL (In Real Life) step.

Share content with your network
Professional social networks should allow you to position yourself as an expert in your activity and therefore a reliable source of information. Sharing content is therefore essential.

If you have the resources, create your own content: articles, infographics or videos. However, do not forget to distribute third-party content to maintain objectivity in the eyes of your target.

Each time you publish content, your contacts will be informed in their news feed and sometimes even, depending on their settings, by email. Do not forget to distribute your content in the groups where you are present. And you, do you use professional social networks in your prospecting strategy?

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