Let’s take our example with this article: our agency offers an Inbound Marketing offer to allow you to Israel Phone Number List Internet. We could very well just talk about Inbound Marketing, but you probably wouldn’t be here today. We therefore prefer to tackle a problem that you encounter: and there you are!

By positioning yourself on specific keywords that meet a well-identified need of your target, you maximize the opportunities to be visible and therefore to meet good people.

Step # 3 – Promote your content

This is an essential step in attracting quality visits to your website. Once your target is defined and your content created, you must apply yourself to distribute your content well.

Beyond the new page posted on your site, the blog article or your white paper, it’s time to talk about it on social networks to attract as many visitors as possible.

Which social networks to choose to communicate well?
To define the most relevant social networks for your innovative business, you will need to add a few lines to the description of your Persona. Indeed, you must identify the sources of information and social networks that your target frequents. As you will have understood, the right message that speaks to the right target and disseminates on the right social networks will have every chance of being seen and helps attract the right traffic to your site.

To support you in this process, we have carried out a study of the main social networks likely to be suitable for your innovative company.

Imperatives To Respect

Having a website in order to have a website is useless. Your website must be your best prospecting tool and generate qualified prospects regularly. How to generate leads on your website? Here are 5 imperatives to follow!
Your customers have taken control. Before contacting you, a prospect will have already made an outline of their purchasing decision. On average, your customer has in fact conducted about 60% of their purchase thinking before contacting a sales representative.

In other words, today you must have a website that is well referenced in search engines in order to attract as many visitors as possible. But that’s not all.

Your website must encourage contact and purchase. Your website must be optimized for conversion in order to convert your visitors into qualified prospects. But how do you turn your website into a prospect machine?


5 imperatives to generate leads on your website
Imperative # 1 – Clearly define your prospecting objectives
When a client contacts us to ask us for a website without having specific objectives, we answer NO. A website is a strategic lever. Like any strategic lever, your website must allow you to achieve specific objectives.

This is our vision: we do everything we can to achieve your goals in terms of visits, prospects and customers.

This is why if you simply contact us for a website, we will first answer “No” and then take stock of the objectives you want to achieve.

Do you want to know more about our methodology for generating leads on the Internet?

When Your Prospects Are Not Connected?

The goal here is to determine a specific number of qualified leads to generate to meet your revenue goal. Therefore, we will be able to define how many visitors you need on your website to generate these prospects and therefore the levers to operate – and in what proportions – to achieve this.

Imperative # 2 – Publish content tailored to your prospects
By publishing content tailored to your target audience, I mean two things. The first is that your content must be written and optimized around the keywords that your targets enter in search engines. It’s the foundation for your prospects to find you.

Next, to generate leads on your website, you need to publish content that matches each of the phases of the buying process for your target prospects.

The purchasing process is made up of 3 phases: awareness of a problem, evaluation of solutions and the purchase decision. Each phase requires specific content. The objective here is to support your prospects in their entire purchasing process to convert them into customers.

Imperative # 3 – Configure your conversion tunnel
What distinguishes a visitor to your website from a qualified prospect? The visitor does not leave a trace of his passage while the prospect has expressed his interest to you by sending you his contact details.

Of course, he may have filled out a contact form or requested a quote online, but very often, a more subtle method will have to be found to retrieve the contact details of your visitors and therefore convert them into qualified prospects.

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