One of the greatest obsessions of traders is seeing their store empty. With the competition of e-commerce Hungary WhatsApp Number List daily life? What if the Internet and social media were an opportunity to drive more traffic to your store? Here are 4 steps to follow to attract crowds!

Let’s face it. If many stores are now experiencing a drop in their footfall, it is in part because of the Internet and the advent of e-commerce. E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the only sectors to be doing like a charm at the moment in France. As proof, in 2015, the French spent 65 billion euros on e-commerce sites, an increase of 14.3% compared to 2014.

It’s an observation, but let’s not be resigned! As we will see, the Internet is full of opportunities to turn the tide and generate more traffic in stores, especially through social networks.

A growing complexity in purchasing behavior
The development of e-commerce sales is not the only reason for the drop in store traffic. The growing complexity of buyers’ behavior is also a cause.

Today, before going to the store and buying, consumers mature their thinking on the Internet , notably by consulting opinions and taking all the information necessary for their decision-making from search engines. Indeed, according to the Bright Local agency:“92% of consumers read reviews on the Internet before making a purchase decision! ”
And even if he still leaves a little spontaneity in his purchases, the consumer no longer walks without his phone in his hand to take information in real time.

Being present on the Internet, a necessity for traders! The issues exposed above have certainly convinced you that it is essential to be present on the Internet to generate traffic in stores. But that’s not all !

The Problems Of Traders

In addition to being more structured in their purchasing decisions, consumers have new expectations arising directly from new web marketing practices:

He wants personalization;
He wants contextualization;
He wants to feel privileged;
If you want to meet these new expectations and attract more traffic to your store, the Internet and social networks will be your best allies!

Why should merchants use Social Networks?Social networks are essential for retailers today and are a relevant lever for generating traffic in stores. Here are the benefits you can get from social media for your store:Increased visibility: 62% of Internet users are registered on at least one social network.

We bet that is the case with your customers?A better image: social networks are an opportunity for a store to quickly develop its brand image! A lasting relationship with your customers: customers expect proximity from their merchant. Luckily, they are connected to social networks 24 hours a day. Enjoy it!
Are you convinced that social networks are an opportunity for your store? Now let’s see how to do it!


4 Steps to Generate In-Store Traffic Using Social Media
Bet on the right social networks. As a trader, it’s a safe bet that you don’t have all day to take care of your social networks. To be effective, you must first of all reflect on the social networks on which to develop your presence.

To do this, think about your targets, your customers. In this approach, Facebook seems essential with its 30 million users in France. However, even there, you will have to ask yourself if Facebook matches your target audience and their expectations.

Another essential social network, Google My Business should be one of your priorities. Not for the actions that you will take there but quite simply because it is an essential lever for your referencing in the search engine.

A Drop In Attendance

To go further: How to gain visibility thanks to Local SEO? Develop a real relationship with your community. If you plan to invest in social networks to sell your products like in a vulgar flyer, you are on the wrong track and I advise you to go your way. To drive traffic to your store with social media, you’ll need to do a lot more than just promotion. Here are some courses of action to take to develop a real relationship with your customers and prospects:

Put yourself in the scene
What attracts us to a merchant is the proximity he maintains with his customers. With social networks, you will not be able to be closer to your customers since you will be directly in their pocket via their smartphone.

As a merchant, the image of your store is yours! It’s up to you to skillfully stage yourself so that your community feels like more than a customer: your friend. Store and Social Networks, how to do it?

Here, the manager of the Ethno-shop boutique presents with a smile one of the gifts he received for his 40th birthday. Watch the reactions on the post!

It’s up to you to play your card to the full by putting in place all the actions necessary for your local SEO but also by regularly updating your information and content!

Share high added value content. By high added value content, I mean non-promotional content and related to the expectations, needs or areas of interest of your community. How to communicate on social networks – traders

Here, the LH Original boutique specializing in the sale of clothing and related products around the city of Le Havre relays a relevant article by Les Echos on the architecture of the city. Likes and shares are there!How to generate in-store visits with social networks

With this post, The Hoopers Basketballshop skilfully surfs on St. Patrick’s Day to highlight one of its products. Using fresh news to communicate on social media will generate more attachment and interest from your community.

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