Among all these visitors, some are curious who will never make themselves known. That is, they will never fill out a contact form. They will Panama Email List website. On the other hand, for some of our visitors, it is totally the opposite. They are behind their screens and have their hands raised. Raised hand? And yes, like in a conference, they ask for the floor to ask a question. For this type of visitor you must, as we suggest in our main menu, offer direct contact. In the form of an automatic reminder, making an appointment on an online agenda, requesting a quote … there are many options that allow you to put in direct contact with your highly motivated visitors.

By configuring one or more “fast” conversion funnels, you offer hot and mature visitors the opportunity to transform into Leads. Provide support for lead generation. We have heard over and over again: “We want to generate leads on the Internet. We have a few ideas but we don’t know where to start. From the start of course. But the beginning if we associate it with the starting point is not the same for everyone. Also, depending on your maturity on Digital Marketing subjects, your traffic, your current ability to generate leads, your ideal targeted client, the technical quality of your website, and the analysis of many others. criteria, we will be able to make a diagnosis to support you in the generation of leads.

To find out more about our diagnosis

Of course, you can open accounts at no cost, but you will need someone dedicated to managing them and creating regular content to help drive traffic to your Landing Pages, blog posts and more. globally to your website. While the cost is very real, it is much more affordable than sending brochures by mail or investing in a radio or TV spot. Social networks are a great opportunity to generate leads and gain new customers. Rather than going for an outbound marketing strategy, by attracting people to you and deploying an inbound marketing strategy, you are spending a lot fewer resources, time, and money. If you want to generate ROI with your digital marketing strategy.


you need to write it down in black and white. As much to commit to yourself as to organize yourself or federate your teams. Opt for the Digital Marketing Strategy. And automatically send them e-mails adapted to their level of maturity and their behavior on your website. By pairing your white paper with a quality landing page, you increase the quantity and quality of your leads. At the same time, you reduce your customer acquisition cost. Plus, you’re investing in a targeted audience – your persona – which dramatically lowers your cost per lead. By investing, over time, in inbound marketing, you lower the cost of a new customer. Here’s a new shock: social media isn’t exactly free.

Invest in social networks

Very often, I meet marketers or business leaders who tell me that they don’t have the time to carry out an effective marketing and sales strategy. They don’t have the time to create content, to communicate on social networks, to create quality mailings. Lack of time is one of the most important challenges according to marketers. The challenges of communicating well on social networks in B2B. When we look at the daily life of these marketers, we realize that 24 hours a day is not enough. I know what I’m talking about, I went through this also at the start of the agency. I’m sure this scenario will speak to you: Every morning.

You log in to each of the social networks you manage to respond to comments and publish your posts. You then connect to the management interface of your website to feed it. During the day, you also use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your actions, you access your Emailing tool, your CRM, etc. You use other more exotic tools to offer a Discussion Chat on your website or generate leads. You get impatient when the platforms you use row. Put together, you lose hours that would be precious to you every month. I have been there and believe me, this is not the solution! Multiplying the tools means multiplying the risks.

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