Honestly, the youngster that I was did not understand this backtracking. Many companies make this mistake. This is also Brazil Email List digital and marketing. Your employees are in the remobilization phase. If you ask them to back down, even partially, you will naturally sow doubt in their minds. Back to the questioning phase…! Stay the course and you will see, the success of your marketing and sales digitalization will not be very far away. There you are! Your employees now fully integrate the changes generated by your digitalization into their daily lives. Marketing implements actions to attract more visitors to your website and generate qualified and mature leads.

The salesperson understands the value of marketing and now knows how to deal with inbound marketing leads. Marketing and sales become best friends in the world. This time, the hard part is really behind you and your digitalization is a success. There is, however, one mistake that should not be made to consolidate all this: Do not start a new project right away. Your marketing and sales digitization has required a lot of investment from your teams. Now allow your teams to savor their success, progress, and the return on investment they generate. The engagement phase is a good time to plan a Team Building activity to reward your teams. Well done!

The engagement phase

How can we support you in your digitalization? This is the great strength of our agency. Ludo, I am a marketer and carried out my digitalization in 2008. Seb, my partner, is a sales representative and integrated digital into his profession at the end of the 2000s. Together, we have the two essential visions for successful marketing and sales digitalization. Seb understands and knows how to talk to salespeople. I understand and know how to talk to marketers. Together, as entrepreneurs, we understand the expectations, needs, and issues of a leader. We integrate these 3 dimensions in our support. Marketing and Sales Alignment is Essential for Your Digitalization Success. Our complementarity allows us to do so.


First – We help you define and implement your marketing and sales digitalization strategy. Then – We identify and implement the tools adapted to your objectives and your resources (financial and human). Throughout – We support your teams in these changes through training, mentoring, and facilitating reporting meetings. How about talking face-to-face about your marketing and sales digitalization? Conclusion. The marketing and commercial digitalization of your company are essential, the modern buyer requires it to you. However, this digitization is a real project to be considered as such. Strategy is a key element. The tools are too. The Human is the central element. Do you want to go further? Here is a video showing you the main stages of the digitalization of your company.

The turnover is at the RDV

He no longer expects you to just bubble on your offers. The modern buyer demands that you help them solve their problems and answer any questions they may have in their thinking. Do Social Selling, OK. But you have to integrate this fact into your prospecting actions on social networks. From Social Selling to Social Helping. To prospect well on social networks, you must already attract the attention of the buyer. Then you have to hold her back and gain her trust. To make profitable Social Selling, it is therefore essential to provide it with added value. How? ‘Or’ What? By doing what he expects of you: by answering the questions he asks himself and by helping him to understand and solve his problems.

Stop selling, help! The two watchwords of Social Selling are “altruism” and “benevolence”. You have all the keys to doing “Social Helping”. You just need to identify the right, most qualitative prospects, and allocate the time you save by prospecting less to profile analysis. As we saw in the preamble, social networks give you all the information you need. By examining the profile and behavior of your prospect on social networks, you have everything you need to send them high added-value content. Because that’s what it’s all about. To do good Social Selling, before you think about selling, you need to add value by providing your prospect with a blog post, white paper, or other content that may be of use to them.

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