Gathering fans on a Facebook page, subscribers on a Twitter or Google + account is good. But that is not enough. To move Venezuela WhatsApp Number List stage, it is important to establish a human relationship between your brand and its fans / subscribers.

A group or a community? What is the difference between a fan group and a community? The difference is fundamental. A group does not develop a sense of belonging. A community shares, discusses, debates around the same center of interest , not the group. For an optimal engagement rate and therefore an ROI that meets your expectations, you must be able to count on a community, and not a group.

To move beyond the group stage and convert your “bunch” of fans into a concerned community, you need to create a real human relationship between your brand, your business, and the members of your community. A privileged relationship which will enhance each of your members, which will make them aware of their importance in your commercial strategy and your development. The customer should always be at the center of your strategy. A member, client or potential client, must be at the center of your Social Media communication strategy.

Of course, such a relationship, as in friendship or in love, requires time and investment. This is why we say that an effective Social Media strategy is a daily battle.

How to establish a human relationship between its brand and its community?
First, it is important to know your target well. Understand it, determine its expectations and desires. For that, you must first of all analyze the typology of Internet users and consumers with which you are confronted. This will allow you to effectively determine what content to post and how to post it.

That Is Understood By All

Then, it is important to respect these few rules: Transparency. A relationship is above all based on trust. You need to present yourself to your community as you really are. You need to make them explicitly part of your goal. Why do you want to create a community around your brand? Develop your sales, improve your brand image, better understand your consumers? Post your goals and raise awareness in your community. As in any messed up relationship, members of your community will sense the lie, the manipulation, and the lack of frankness. Therefore, they will flee you like the plague!


Don’t just think of selling and promoting
Of course, it is important to communicate about your products and your actions. But don’t just do that! Your community must feel important, considered. For this, you must integrate your members into your communication strategy. Your brand is the best, you get wins, great. But your community is great too. Try to develop interactions and inspire your community to share and create content.

Your communication must be regular. To forge a real lasting relationship with your community, you have to think about it at all times. You have to remember his good memories over and over. You should not go overboard and stifle them, but you should pay attention to your members on a regular basis. Otherwise, your competition will do it for you and your community will look elsewhere!

Show yourself gratefulCommunity and social media – give to receive
Are members of your community viewing, sharing, discussing and debating your content? Thank them! Free time is getting scarcer and your community is giving you some of it. You must show them your gratitude and value each of their interventions.

How To Work On Your Personal Branding?

Do something … for your community
To receive you must know how to give. That’s what the saying goes. It is perfectly applicable to Social Media communication. You want the members of your community to participate in the development of your brand image and become your best ambassadors, you must first do something for them. Not just a contest, use your imagination to put your community at the center of your strategy.

For an effective Social Media strategy, you must strive to maintain a special relationship with your community. Do not abandon it when you have achieved your goal. Don’t just call on her when needed. You have to know how to give in order to receive, even on social media.

To make effective Personal Branding, you must offer your target high added value content. Whether on social networks, by e-mail or with any other channel. What are the problems that your target encounters in your field of activity?

Once identified, you can create content that provides solutions. You will then demonstrate your expertise and convince your target that you are the best person to help them achieve their goals.

This is the whole point of Personal Branding. This is what I do regularly with my blogs since… 2000, year of the creation of my first blog from a game console and a Wanadoo 56k connection…!

This 3rd and last point is the one that will scare the vast majority of you away but it is nevertheless the crucial point. To work your Personal Branding effectively, you will need to publish quality content as regularly as possible.

I won’t give you an ideal publication frequency here. Why ? Because the answer will be very different depending on your target, your themes and the channels on which you distribute your content.

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