The work of persona marketing is essential to set up a profitable strategy, generate leads and convert them into customers. How to do ? Here are Ecuador WhatsApp Number List marketing persona. Defining a marketing persona is an essential step in the development and implementation of your communication strategy.

In the age of the internet and social networks, you need to deliver quality content to grab the attention of your targets. You’ve probably heard of the famous one: send the right message to the right person at the right time.

But how do you want to deliver the right messages if you don’t know precisely the needs, expectations and behaviors of your targets?

By defining your marketing personas, you draw a precise portrait of your targets and have all the cards in hand to communicate in a relevant way.

A marketing persona is a semi-fictitious person who represents the typical portrait of your customers and prospects. A company has as many marketing personas as it identifies target segments.

Defining a marketing persona may seem simple and quick, but to take full advantage of it, this step requires identifying as many details as possible that are representative of your typical customer:

The objective of this work is to fully understand the expectations and behaviors of your targets in order to set up a relevant marketing and communication strategy.

How many times have you received a communication that did not concern you? And how have you felt each time? So you understand the importance of this step.

6 key steps to properly define a marketing persona
# 1 – Who is your marketing persona?
This is about defining the typical identity of your marketing persona. Concretely, here you will write a real identity card of your marketing persona by answering the following questions:

Definition Of The Marketing Persona

Where does your marketing persona live?
This step may seem abstract and rather superficial to you, however, it is this step that will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of your marketing persona in order to define an ultra-precise profile.

# 2 – What are the expectations of your marketing persona?
You are convinced that your product or service corresponds to market expectations. Very good, but what are they?

If this is natural for you, it is not at all for your consumers.Consumers may not even be aware that your offer is a solution to their problem.

To convince them and attract their attention, you will have to set up a clever communication strategy by subtly suggesting your product as a relevant solution to the problem of your targets.

Ok, but what if you don’t know these issues?At this stage, you need to define the issues of your marketing persona in great detail.


Let’s say you launch an application that allows you to find your soul mate. What issues does your application address, what are the needs of your marketing persona? He seeks to meet a man / a woman, looks for tips to seduce for example, how to approach a stranger etc …

# 3 – What does the marketing persona think of your offer?
Now that you’ve got the details of who he is, it’s time to step into your marketing persona’s shoes and bring it to life.The goal of this step is to determine what relationship your marketing persona has with your offer.

What are the points that could prevent your marketing persona from buying your products / services? What would these objections be?Answering these questions will allow you to develop a relevant sales pitch and increase your ability to persuade.

What Gender Is Your Marketing Persona?

Then you have to put yourself in the shoes of your marketing persona throughout the buying process. What questions is your marketing persona likely to ask at each step of their buying decision? These answers allow you to improve your communication actions and intervene at key moments.

# 4 – How do you find out about your marketing persona?
At this point in defining your marketing persona, you know how they get information and what their needs are.Now you need to define which tools he uses to get information.

Logically, like more than 80% of Internet users, your Persona Marketing is present on social networks. But what social networks does he frequent?

Then you also need to determine what type of content your marketing persona prefers to view: does he like to read blog posts, does he prefer videos or infographics?

# 5 – What are the keywords used by your marketing persona?
We are reaching our goal!

You know the needs of your marketing persona and you know what content to disseminate to appeal to them. However, you will be able to create all the best content in the world, if no one sees it, it won’t be of much value.

To make sure that your customers will see the content created, you must work on your natural referencing and define the keywords that your marketing persona uses to carry out their research on the internet.At this level of thinking, you have all the elements in hand to determine a list of relevant keywords.

# 6 – What is the typical day for your marketing persona?
It’s time for synthesis!

The objective of this step is to bring together all the information that you have gathered in order to define the scenario of the typical day for your marketing persona.

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