You no longer sell, you help. You bring added value. After writing your content, you must do everything to ensure that it is seen by your target. This Haiti Email List but that’s not all. You must use all the levers at your disposal to promote your content: social networks, mailings, advertising, and many more. To go further here, I recommend that you consult our guide presenting 5 concrete methods to promote your web content. Convert Your Visitors to Leads. This is where it all plays out. To convert your website visitors into customers, you first need to convert them into leads. In other words, you must convince your visitors to leave you their contact details.

And all the information necessary to verify that they correspond to your ideal prospect identified previously. In order to convert your website visitors into leads, you must therefore offer them premium content that they can recover in return for a completed form. You must integrate a call to action button on each page of your website. The visitor clicks on it arrives on a specific landing page and fills out a suitable form. Naturally, the more quality premium content offerings you have, the more likely you are to generate leads. Make your Website a Leads Machine by Consulting our Guide to B2B Lead Generation. Feed the buying thinking of Leads to convert them into customers.

How’s it going?

74% of the leads you generate on the Internet are not ready to buy. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. In other words, 74% of the leads you generate aren’t ready to talk to a salesperson. Unfortunately, too many marketers make the mistake of passing all the leads they generate to salespeople. And there, it gets stuck. Sales reps can’t convert them because leads don’t want to talk to them. To convert your website visitors into customers, you must put in place actions that allow you to nurture the purchase thinking of your leads to bring them to maturity.


We’re talking about Lead Nurturing. Basically, this is about sending personalized content to your leads via personalized emails based on their position in the buying journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. If your lead is in the Awareness stage, you send them Gradually Consideration content to move them forward to that stage. When he’s in the Consideration phase, you send him Decision content to move him through this final step. To define where your leads are in the buying journey, you can use the Lead Scoring technique. Once your lead is in the Decision phase, you can pass it on to salespeople. It’s up to them to play!

So how do you do it!

Retain your customers to make them ambassadors. There you have it, you know how to convert your website visitors into customers. Too many businesses are “content” with converting their website visitors into customers but do nothing to retain them. Be content” is probably not the right term considering the time and energy that the first 3 steps represent but do not stop there. We know that it is much more expensive to win a new customer than to retain them. In addition, winning customers on the Internet means having the opportunity to make them your best ambassadors by encouraging them to promote your business on the web. I have met executives on several occasions who confessed to me.

That the only communication their clients received was an invoice. BUT I BE BEGG YOU: DON’T STOP THERE! It’s frustrating for your customers, isn’t it? Do not hesitate to use social networks and the newsletter to keep in touch with your customers. However, always remember to add value to them. For us and our customers, we are used to implementing a Customer Nurturing strategy, derived from Lead Nurturing, which allows us to improve the lifespan of their customers by an average of 30%. How do you convert your website visitors into customers? Switch to Inbound Marketing in 120 days: A summary or an adaptation of your article by including a link to your original content.

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