According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 49% of B2B marketers agree that creating content is Sweden WhatsApp Number List it stalls their efforts . What if the solution lies in content curation?

Content curation represents 25% of the content marketing strategy of leading companies . A technique that is effective since 85% of content marketers claim to be successful thanks to this strategy.

By sharing content from other sources, you can easily gain visibility and improve engagement with your prospects and customers. Curation is an inexpensive and efficient way to maintain your visibility, while enriching your content marketing.

Ready to integrate content curation into your digital marketing? Discover the essential tools and best practices to implement this strategy effectively!Content curation is all about discovering, gathering, and presenting content on a specific topic, usually related to your business. The content presented comes from sources outside your company. It is sometimes enriched with your own point of view, in order to bring added value to your audience.

Blog articles, studies, infographics, videos, tweets… All formats can be integrated into your curation. As for their distribution, again, anything is allowed: on your blog, in your newsletter, on social networks… It’s up to you to select the channels according to your objectives. Is Content Curation Right For Your Business? Chances are! This strategy offers many advantages for your business:

Better management of your image. When you share quality content, you improve your image as an expert. In addition, you show that you are interested in your market and therefore, that you are perfectly in tune with the latest trends. This may encourage certain prospects to contact you for their needs.

Content Curation: The Art Of Sharing Your Sources

Improving your SEO
When you post, rewrite and comment on an article from an outside source on your blog, you are working your SEO .

In addition to the additional content indexed by search engines, you provide them with regular updates. However, Google appreciates sites that regularly publish fresh content!

A continuous presence with your audience
It is not easy to regularly produce new articles. Curation effectively complements your content strategy by providing you with material to share. Result: you stay present in the news feed of your audience … and in their minds!


Even if the monitoring and the curation of content have different objectives, they meet on one point: to improve your inspiration! Curation allows you to spot trending topics, while helping you find angles, themes or information to comment on.

Tools for curating content
Researching, finding, analyzing, synthesizing and publishing relevant content for your audience is a time-consuming job. There are so many sources! Plus, if you’re working in an ever-changing industry, you’ll receive a constant flow of information.

How to sort through all this content to choose those that will boost your visibility? By using a tool! Here is the list of our 6 favorite tools for successful content curation.

1 –
Every day, sifts through 250 million shared social media posts and analyzes up to 25 million articles on the web. Of course, you can filter the results using keywords, to receive only relevant content.

Following the setting of your preferences, the tool automatically creates a newspaper containing articles or social media posts relating to your needs.

The Benefits Of Content Curation For Your Marketing Strategy

paper a content curation tool
You can dig into this journal to do your curation or share it directly on your blog or social networks.
A curation platform with many features, stands out as a reference! Every day, the tool scans millions of web pages, RSS feeds and social media posts to find content that meets your expectations.

You have the option of letting tap into its database or specify social media sources and pages yourself. This allows you to centralize your favorite blogs, influencers and media on a single interface.

If you post your curation on social networks, the platform allows you to do so in a few clicks, and even add your own comment to each link.

Different from the other tools mentioned so far, Pocket offers you the possibility to save content while you are browsing the web. Whenever you find an interesting article, video, or other post, you can add it to your Pocket account.

The platform offers a browser extension, as well as a mobile application. Finally, Pocket helps you classify your links so that you can find them better later.

Pocket a content curation tool. With one click, you keep content that can be reused later. Instapaper. Like Pocket, Instapaper saves content that you find relevant. However, it does offer an interesting option: the ability to highlight and comment on every post you save.

You can therefore directly write the accompanying caption or note the highlight of the content. This then facilitates processing at the time of sharing.

Instapaper a content curation tool. The Instapaper tool interface. Feedly. Simple and intuitive RSS feed aggregator, Feedly brings together your favorite sources in a clean interface.

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