The reactivity rate: for me, this is the most relevant indicator. The reactivity rate allows you to concretely Cyprus Email Addresses of your message. The responsiveness rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of emails opened. The churn rate: it speaks for itself. This is the number of unsubscribes divided by the number of Emails sent. These indicators allow you to know if your Emailing campaign is a success… or not! These indicators allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your Emailing campaign. Then you have to draw the right conclusions and do everything to improve them. For this, you can use the so-called A / B Testing method.

L’A/B Testing: As the name might suggest, A / B Testing involves testing two variations of your Emailing to determine the optimal recipe. You create a version A and a version B of your Emailing; You select two samples from your contact database and send version A to one and version B to the other; They analyze the statistics of these two Emailings; You send the most efficient emailing to the rest of your database; A / B Testing thus allows you to optimize the results of your Emailing campaign. Carried out over the course of the campaigns, A / B Testing will always bring you closer to perfect Emailing. With A / B Testing, you can test all the elements presented in the previous 4 steps.

The 5 steps to create a perfect emailing

Please note, it is recommended that you only test one element by Emailing. If you create an Emailing B that is totally different from Emailing A, you will have a hard time determining which elements are the most effective: is it the moment of sending that has played? The contents? The Call-To-Action or the object? Conclusion: do an Emailing yes, but with a strategy. As you have seen from this article, email cannot be improvised if you want to generate a return on your investment. Creating effective Emailing means above all creating an Email Marketing strategy adapted to the expectations and behaviors of your targets. In order to send the right message at the right time.


Analyze your target to communicate well on the internet. He analyzes, compares, weighs the pros and cons before making a decision. Consumer type the competitive. Just like the Methodical, this type of consumer seeks all the information necessary for his decision-making. He wants to be absolutely certain that he got the best, that he got the best deal, as quickly as possible. It is difficult to convince but then proves to be very loyal. Conclusion. It is essential to determine the profile of your target/core target and to properly segment your clientele according to these typologies in order to develop an effective One To One marketing strategy. The same goes for your Digital Marketing strategy.

Do you want to do efficient Emailing?

For example, in order to attract the “Humanist” type of consumers, you will need to focus on your labels, respect for standards, and reassure them when it comes to your after-sales service and your payment security. To convince a so-called Methodical consumer, you will need a professional, clear, concise, and precise site. Pleasant, original content that plays on emotions will allow you to convert Spontaneous. In this Marketing personalization process, it is also essential to work well on your Personas. The different types of consumers and Internet users that you find in this article are a good basis, but they remain theoretical. To optimize the results of your marketing and sales strategy.

Download the free guide and follow the click-by-click tips: It is this analysis that will allow you to refine your Emailing campaigns over time and improve your return on investment. If you find that your lead generation forms are not filled out enough, you need to make changes and improvements. Exploit the Full Potential of your Lead Generation Forms with Marketing Automation: It is essential to analyze your own customers to understand what characterizes them. Both socio-demographically and behaviorally. Once you have properly analyzed the purchasing profiles and behaviors of your targets, you can then determine and implement your web marketing strategy. Optimizing your conversion rate is an iterative and repeatable process.

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