If you want to communicate effectively on the internet and social networks, you must imperatively be visual in your communication. However, it is Paraguay Phone Number List or to find royalty-free resources. Well, that was before!

Community manager tools – canva. Can go. Canva is one of the favorite tools of community managers. Canva is a free tool that lets you create illustrations without any graphic design skills. You select or import the image of your choice and add various elements such as text or icons to it. Canva also lets you create visuals with optimal dimensions for social media. Like Buffer, Canva is the essential tool for your communication on the internet and social networks.

In the same vein, you have Pablo which is the equivalent of Canva offered by Buffer. community manager tools – infogr.am. Infogr.am is a free tool appreciated by the Community Manager to create infographics without any graphic design knowledge.

Infographics are an essential content format for your internet and social media communications strategy. Infographics allow you to visually present a series of information and statistics on a single document. Infographic is very viral content, which is highly prized on social media. In this situation, Infogr.am is a tool that should not be overlooked. There are also other free alternatives like Easel.ly , which I find very easy to use, and Piktochart .

community manager tools – powtoon. PowToon is a free tool allowing you to create promotional or presentation videos, in cartoon form.This format is very popular with Internet users and on social networks. PowToon finally resumes the same operation as Canva or Infogr.am by offering a simple interface allowing you to integrate elements by dragging and dropping into your video. Are you looking for royalty-free images? AllTheFreeStock is the website for you.

The Tools To Find Inspiration

AllTheFreeStock lists dozens of sites offering royalty-free images and lets you search each one. No need to go to 36 different sites to find the image you need (Community Managers know what I’m talking about. with AllTheFreeStock, they are all on the same interface!

To be honest with you, a lot of the images I post on the blog come from this site! community manager tools – get emoji. Get Emoji. Are you fed up with digging right and left to find out how to do this or that Emoji? Stop wasting your time! With Get Emoji, all you have to do is find the Emoji you need and copy/paste it. Emojis are very popular on social networks and allow you to more easily catch the eye of the Internet user: don’t forget, you only have a few tenths of a second for that.


In the same vein, Giphy allows you to find GIFs and Flaticon to find royalty-free icons. These free tools allow the Community Manager to save precious time! Free tools for writing text content. To be visible on the internet, there is no mystery, you have to be well positioned on search engines and attract the attention of Internet users by offering them quality content. For this, you must write articles with high added value. Here are 4 tools to create and upload your articles.

WordPress is a CMS – Content Management System – which allows you to create a blog for free. WordPress is the market leader CMS: 75% of CMS websites run under WordPress. This is for example the case of this blog! Very easy to use, WordPress allows you to create a basic blog without much computer skills.

The Tools To Carry Out Your Monitoring

Don’t you feel like starting a blog yourself? Don’t have the time to run a blog effectively? Medium is the tool for you! Medium allows you to write and upload for free on the platform. To do so, nothing could be simpler: you write your text, add one or more illustrations and click on publish! In the same vein, you can also use Facebook which offers the Instant Article platform or LinkedIn with the Pulse platform .

Free tools to communicate live. In the age of the internet, social networks and smartphones, video content plays a major role in all good communication strategies. In this situation, live video is even more effective. Here are 2 alternatives available to you to communicate live on the internet and social networks.
If you’re a regular Facebook fan, you might not have been able to escape notifications telling you that a friend of yours is live. This is Facebook Live. Concretely, Facebook Live is a Facebook feature allowing you to broadcast a live video in one click, from your smartphone.

Facebook Live is in particular a great opportunity to attract your first fans if you have just launched a Facebook page that is struggling to take off. It is not surprising that a live on Facebook allows you to reach several hundred people on Facebook when your page is empty! Clubhouse is one of the newest in the social media landscape and it allows you to communicate live, with your audience, in voice format. Finally, Clubhouse allows you to do live podcasts, which will allow you to easily exploit this content format popular with decision makers.

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