If you’ve spent the money promoting one type of product, why direct the traffic generated by this Japan Email List might get lost? This question may seem strange, but we have already studied paid campaigns whose objective was lead generation. Even more, than lead generation paid ads were created for a very specific type of product. I give it to you in thousand, the link of this campaign directed the visitor on the home page. Several hundred euros were spent, more than 1000 clicks on the ad, and on arrival a zero point on the number of lead conversions. If you don’t create a specific landing page, you are going to disappoint.

The expectations of your potential customers. They will leave your site without even having entered your conversion tunnel. Create call-to-action buttons and make them visible. Don’t hide your Call-To-Action (call-to-action buttons). Or rather, make them visible. Use your web analytics tool to find out where the most clicks are on your pages. This information can be easily discovered through Heatmaps. In this sense, Hotjar offers a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Using this information, you can then place your Call-To-Action in the places most clicked by your visitors. Thus, you will be able to greatly improve your conversion rate. Are you facing a challenge to improve your conversion rate? Take advantage of our Coaching offers.

Create specific Landing Pages for each campaign

This inevitably requires speed and applied design, and a clear and concise menu. An effective B2B website is mobile-friendly. Where is your smartphone? In your pocket? On your desktop or maybe even you are reading this article with. Smartphones are everywhere, mobile internet traffic is now more important than internet traffic on computers. The B2B decision-maker is overbooked, he is regularly on appointments or on the move. He therefore regularly consults his smartphone. His mobile plays an important role in his purchase thinking process. Creating an effective B2B website means necessarily thinking about it for navigation from a mobile device, both in terms of design and speed of loading. An effective B2B website is equipped with an analysis tool.


The website is an exceptional marketing lever since it allows you to monitor your performance in real-time. Unlike the flyer, catalog, or any other traditional communication medium. However, to benefit from it, it is essential to install an analysis tool such as Google Analytics on your website. With Google Analytics, you can track visitors to your website in real-time and identify the most successful pages. Practical for optimizing your digital marketing strategy! An effective B2B website offers a unique experience. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time. If you were to take just one thing from this article, this would be it. In the age of the internet, social networks.

The benefit of Race results

And obese communication, Internet users expect you to offer them an ultra-personalized experience. Today, there are features and tools to integrate intelligent content into your website that displays according to the characteristics of your visitors. Turn your website into a customer machine with Inbound Marketing! Be patient. Patience is the mother of all virtues. Don’t wait for an immediate and dazzling return of your first few weeks on social media. On social networks, you have to give in order to receive. In other words, your posts, your engagement in discussions will take a long time to bring you a significant return on investment and new visitors will arrive in small quantities in the first few days.

Infographics, product images, quantitative studies of your sector of activity, etc. To know the range of possibilities on content marketing you can consult the periodic table of content marketing. Encourage dialogue. In “social networks” there is the word “social”. It might sound like a very academic reminder, but a lot of people on social media tend to forget this aspect. Social networks allow you to get in touch with a very large number of individuals. For this, we must take the time to initiate, open and maintain dialogue. Like, share, comment, post, challenge … by opting for openness to specific subjects, you will be able to attract attention and ultimately attract new visitors to your website.

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